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POLITE reminders-..............Due to dairy unable to deliver milk yesterday (16/09), no milk was provided. A credit will appear on the accounts pf paid childrenFurther INSET days for this academic year are - 13th December 2019, 20th July 2020....... please do not park on the zig zag lines, you put your/our children at risk when you do this...................We are continuing our name and shame campaign, from today 'zig-zag' parkers registration numbers wll be shown on this scrolling banner; we need to keep the children safe............thanks for your support in advance....................The following have put our children at risk this week........... White Van HG61PNE.......
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Some fantastic mark making from F. He was so proud to tell me he had drawn his family and a tent for them to go camping in. What a super effort! 

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What a great first week we have had in Nursery. The children have been busy learning routines and getting to know each other. We have enjoyed exploring a range of activities together and developing our understanding of colour and shape.

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September 2019 - Hello and welcome!


Welcome back to our existing Nursery children and a warm welcome to all our new starters! We are starting the new term with the topic "How many colours are in a rainbow?"


Home activities:

  • Try and spot a rainbow when out and about and talk about the colours. Encourage your child to notice colours, patterns and shapes in their environment.
  • Have a look around your home and see how many different shapes you can find.
  • If you are near a DIY shop, select some of the paint sample cards to take home. Using one of the cards, see if you can find objects in and around the home that match the colour swatches.
  • When sharing books, talk about the pictures and explore what colours and shapes you can see.