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Home Learning Ideas


Hello children. We hope you are okay? Here are some suggestions for things you might like to try this week. Of course, these are only suggestions and the best thing you can do at home is play with your grown ups and read lots of books together. If you do not have many books at home then perhaps you could have a look at some of the free books on this website:

Best wishes from the Nursery Team

Signs of spring 

We were thinking all about spring during our last week at nursery. Have a look out of your window at home. What signs of spring can you see? I am looking out of my window at home and I can see beautiful blossom on the trees. It looks like fluffy popcorn hanging from the branches. I can see little buds on another tree. I wonder what you will see? Perhaps you could draw a picture of what you can see out of your window? 

To hear Miss Myszkowski read this story go to the 'Children' tab. Then select 'School Videos'. Then find 'Hooray for Hoppy'. Enjoy!

To hear Miss Myszkowski read this story go to the 'Children' tab. Then select 'School Videos'. Then find 'Hooray for Hoppy'. Enjoy! 1

Mrs Haworth has created a lovely home sound walk. Why not click on the document and give it a go?

Home made playdough

At nursery we always make our own fresh playdough for the children to explore. Perhaps you could make some at home and then enjoy playing with it together afterwards. Follow this link for an easy recipe you can try at home: 

Picture 1

Music Time

Here are some musical challenges to try...


Super Shakers

Shakers are fun and easy to make. Perhaps after you have made one, sing your favourite song and try shaking your shaker along to the beat.

How to make a musical shaker

1. Wash out an empty bottle

2. Decorate it with paint, stickers, or cut up paper

3. Fill with some dried pasta, dried rice, lentils, crushed cornflakes (do this with tweezers for extra challenge)

4. Put the lid on

5. Shake, shake, shake!


Musical bodies

Challenge someone in your house to make a body band! Use parts of your bodies to make music, who can make the loudest sound? Here are some ideas: Clapping, stamping, clicking, tapping. Can you put these sounds together and play along to your favourite song? 


Rhyme Time
Can you share this rhyme with your grown up? Maybe you can choose one of your favourites to sing too?


5 little monkeys swinging in a tree,

teasing Mr crocodile... "You can’t catch me, na na nee na na!"

Well along came Mr crocodile as hungry as can be,

and snapped a monkey right out of the tree.


4 little monkeys……

March 2020

Home Learning

Hi children,

I hope you are all okay and staying safe at home with your families. I want you to know that all the nursery teachers really miss you and are thinking of you every day.

Every Monday we will update this page with some activities you can do at home. Not only are they fun to do, but they are also good to help you learn too. 

With love from Miss Myszkowski 


H's competition entry!

Last week we launched a competition for British Science Week... to make a poster to show our diverse planet. This is H's entry... 'Our wonderful world'. We think it is amazing!

Picture 1


British Science Week continued...

Today the children used a range of media and materials to explore what happened when they mixed colours. The children enjoyed talking about the changes they could see and the new colours they made as a result of their experiments.


Bubble experiment...

Today we posed a question... Do different shaped bubble wands make different shaped bubbles?


The children gave some interesting responses...

"I think a star wand will make a star bubble" 

"This one (bear wand) will make bear bubbles!"

"I think the big wands will make big bubbles and the little ones little bubbles"

"This one hearts" (the heart bubble wand)


Most children thought the shaped wands would make shaped bubbles. 

They were so surprised to find out that all the bubbles were round! 

However... the bigger the shape... the bigger the bubble! What a fascinating discovery!


British Science Week - 9th - 13th March 2020


In the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) your child will start to gain the science knowledge that they'll build on throughout their primary school years, such as developing their skills of observation, prediction, critical thinking and discussion. Exploring scientific activities are also a wonderful way of extending and developing children’s vocabulary and communication skills.


The theme for British Science Week 2020 is ‘Our diverse planet’. Please talk at home with your children about the wonderful world we live in; Perhaps take them on a walk and point out seasonal changes that are happening at the moment. Maybe you could explore science at home by baking and talking about the changes that happen when we mix/heat materials, or perhaps explore what toys float or sink in the bath tub. Science is all around us... we would love to see what you get up to on Tapestry!


We are also supporting a competition from the British Science Association (a letter went out about this last week).. please come a speak to a member of the nursery team and we will be happy to explain more.


World Book Day 2020


Today all the children and teachers have come into nursery dressed as their favourite book character! The children are all very excited! Can you tell who they are? What book are they from? Perhaps you could go to the library at the weekend and find some of the books to share and read at home? Happy reading! Remember... "Children are made readers on the laps of their parents" Emilie Buchwald

Picture 1

World Book Day 2020 - Our favourite author


The nursery children and staff chose their favourite author to explore for World Book Day. Today we are thinking about the wonderful author Julia Donaldson! Have you read one of her books together? Which book is your favourite?

Picture 1
Picture 2


The Very Hungry Caterpillar


In nursery we have been thinking about the story of The Very Hungry Caterpillar. The children have enjoyed exploring lots of creative activities about the characters and things in the story.

Today the children thought about the fruits that the hungry caterpillar ate. They made their own fruity friends to bring the fruit to life! Here are some of their fruity friends...


'Change starts with us!'


To launch our anti-bullying week in school, Tuesday 12th November is 'Odd socks day'! Please come to nursery wearing odd socks.


To put this week into context for our youngest children we have been talking to them about how we are all wonderfully different and how we all like different things, but reminding them we all need to work together to keep everyone happy. We have been talking about how we work together as a team in nursery to tidy up and look after our toys. We will continue to explore these ideas through our play this week.


Play games at home which involve turn taking to help your children learn about the importance of sharing. 

Picture 1


We remember...


Today we talked to the children about Remembrance Day. We talked about how the poppy flower helps us to remember brave heroes and helps us remember that it is better for us to get on with each other and be kind and helpful. The children enjoyed exploring some activities to make representations of the poppy.



As it was bonfire night earlier this week, we asked our Forest Schools leader, Mrs Steinman, to take the children into the secret garden for a bonfire experience. She talked to the children about fire and firework safety, helping them to understand how they can stay safe. Afterwards the children toasted vegetarian marshmallows and were able to eat their toasted treat! What fun! 

Happy Birthday Cyril

Still image for this video
Cyril enjoyed going home with H for the weekend. H and his family had a birthday party for Cyril! What a lucky squirrel. After his party he spent some time with H's family doing his favourite thing... reading books! Thank you H's family for looking after Cyril so well and making sure he enjoyed lots of lovely picture books!


Some fantastic mark making from F. He was so proud to tell me he had drawn his family and a tent for them to go camping in. What a super effort! 

Picture 1


What a great first week we have had in Nursery. The children have been busy learning routines and getting to know each other. We have enjoyed exploring a range of activities together and developing our understanding of colour and shape.

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5

September 2019 - Hello and welcome!


Welcome back to our existing Nursery children and a warm welcome to all our new starters! We are starting the new term with the topic "How many colours are in a rainbow?"


Home activities:

  • Try and spot a rainbow when out and about and talk about the colours. Encourage your child to notice colours, patterns and shapes in their environment.
  • Have a look around your home and see how many different shapes you can find.
  • If you are near a DIY shop, select some of the paint sample cards to take home. Using one of the cards, see if you can find objects in and around the home that match the colour swatches.
  • When sharing books, talk about the pictures and explore what colours and shapes you can see.