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Physical Education


Physical Education at Freemantle


At Freemantle, we believe that Physical Education, sport and the adoption of a healthy lifestyle have a vital role to play in the physical, social, emotional and intellectual development of our children. Physical Education is essential in giving our children the knowledge and understanding to make informed choices about healthy living which will positively impact upon their future health and well-being. Physical Education at Freemantle aims to provide children with opportunities to take part in a wide range of sports and physical activities, carried out in a safe and supportive environment, where effort and hard-work is celebrated. We also aim to teach our children the importance of co-operation and collaboration with others as part of an effective team, whilst also promoting fair and sporting behaviour to embed positive life-long values. We recognise the links between PSHE and Physical Education and actively seek to make links between these subject areas to model how the adoption of healthy habits will benefit our children both now, and in the future, to ensure that we consider the needs of the whole child.


The Golden Threads of Physical Education


Fundamental Movements:

Children develop a range of fundamental skills and movement patterns that, once established, will enable them to be successful in a number of recreational and competitive sports.


Tactical Understanding: 

Children gain an awareness of simple tactics for attacking and defending that can be successfully applied to a variety of sports.


Sporting Behaviour: 

Children learn to appreciate the importance of honesty, integrity and fairness within sport by demonstrating mutual respect towards their peers and the rules of the game.



Children are given opportunities to apply their fundamental skills and tactical awareness by competing against themselves and others in a variety of competitive scenarios.


Outdoor and Adventure: 

Children participate in outdoor and adventurous activities that will develop their confidence and independence, both as individuals and as part of a team.


Swimming and Water Safety (KS2): 

Children learn to swim competently and confidently using a range of strokes and be able to perform safe self-rescue in a number of water-based situations.


Our current PE Leader is Russell Dyer