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Welcome to the Freemantle library page!


We are very proud of our library which is used weekly by all classes across the school. We have a wide range of books including; novels, picture books, dual language books, books in different languages, graphic novels, non fiction.



Our library aims are:

  • To foster a love of libraries, books, listening to stories and reading for pleasure
  • To inspire a love of reading by providing a range of quality books to suit children’s reading abilities and interests
  • To encourage the pursuit of personal interests by teaching children how to search for books/authors and topics of their own choice using the Libresoft Librarian library system
  • To empower children to independently select books by teaching them how libraries are organised into fiction and non-fiction/the Dewey decimal system/ alphabetical ordering by author’s surname etc.

10 benefits of reading


1. Most importantly- it's fun!


2. The more you read the better you get at reading!


3. It improves concentration.


4. It teaches us about the world around us and about things outside of our own experiences.


5. It improves vocabulary and language skills.


6. It develops imagination.


7. It exercises the brain!


8. It develops empathy.


9. It's a great way to spend time together- and don't feel that you have to stop reading to your child when they are able to read by themselves. Reading aloud to child, whatever their age, will support them to become a lifelong reader.


10. Children who read achieve better at school. 

Accelerated Reader

At Freemantle we use a program called 'Accelerated Reader' which supports the children to choose books at their reading level. Within each reading level the children are able to choose from a range of picture books, reading books, novels, graphic novels and non-fiction texts. After reading a book, the children then complete a short on-line quiz to show that they have understood what they have read. 


Children are also encouraged to complete Accelerated Reader quizzes for books that they read at home as well. 


Please find below the link to access Accelerated reader. 

Reading at home


As well as reading books from school and books from home, the children can access a wide range of texts on-line using the links below.

Here are some useful websites that you and your child may enjoy using at home to support their reading.

We are very lucky in Southampton to have lots of amazing libraries! The nearest libraries to our school are Central library and Shirley library.