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Absence Reporting

Reporting an absence 

Regular attendance is essential for children to realise their full potential. Parents are asked to notify the academy if their child is absent or going to be absent or going to be absent in the near future. The Headteacher is responsible for authorising absences, which they in turn pass on to the Education Welfare Officer. Notification of an absence by a parent/carer is not an official authorisation.

How to report an absence 

The easiest way to report an absence is to use the Parent Mail app from your phone or computer. Alternatively you can complete the form below. Please include information as possible.


For any medical absences please send a copy of the appointment card/letter/email to

Absence Reporting

Leave of Absence

Parents/carers do not have any legal right or entitlement to take their child out of the academy during term time. Regulations state that the Headteacher may only authorise a leave of absence during term time if there are exceptional circumstances. Leave of absence include: religious observances, passport/embassy appointments, or funerals for example.


The leave of absence form should be completed as fully as possible and submitted to the academy office, along with copies of flight/travel tickets.


Applications should be received at least three weeks in advance. 

Printed copies of this form may also be requested from the academy office. Thank you.