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We wish Mr Luxford all the best in his new endeavors, thank you so much for all your hard work. - We look forward to seeing all our wonderful children on Tuesday 2nd of November
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Church of England Community Academy Trust

Who's Who

The staff structure for 2021/22 there can be some changes, we ask parents to share any changes with their children. 


Executive Headteacher & DSL: Mr Barnett

Headteacher: Vacant (Advertised Oct 2021)

Deputy to the Headteachers & DSL: Miss Hindley, Miss Myszkowski

Heads of Learning & DSL: Miss Myszkowski, Mrs Street

Head of Pastoral, SENCO & DSL: Mrs McCartney

Strategic Support Development Partner: Mr Hampton

Lead for Professional Development & DSL: Mrs Bevan-Mackie

Senior Accountability Team (Non-Curricular): Mr Barnett, Miss Hindley, Miss Myszkowski, Mrs Bevan Mackie

Senior Accountability Team (Curriculum): Miss Hindley, Miss Myszkowski, Mrs Street, Mrs McCartney, Mr Seymour, Mr Whittle,

Admin Team: Ms Henry, Mrs Hatton, Mrs Remsbery, Mrs Hibbert

Responsible Officer: Mrs Young

School Kitchen: Vacancy (cook) (Advertised July/August 2021), Rachel Veal (assistant).

Systems Manager/Data Protection Officer: Mr Luxford

Year 6: Mr Seymour, Mrs Ealey, Mrs Bevan-Mackie, Miss Barrow, Mrs Harnaszkiewicz

Year 5: Mr Whittle, Mrs Bevan-Mackie, Miss Saunders, Mrs Durham, Mrs Crump, Mrs Marshall

Year 4: Mr Dyer, Mrs Bullingham, Mrs Head, Ms Powell

Year 3: Mr Jolly, Mrs Stichbury, Ms Seymour, Mrs Keenan

Year 2: Mrs Crook, Miss Dromey, Miss Granger, Mrs Haworth, Ms Payton

Year 1: Mrs Street, Miss Blaikie, Miss Salsbury, Miss Sanchez-Diaz, Miss Horgan

Year R: Ms Cleary, Mrs Stewart, Ms Staszczyk, Mrs Allen, Mrs Garland


Specialist/ Cover Teachers: Mr Young (Sport), Mrs Steinman (Lib & Forest schools), Mrs D Taylor (Cover/PPA), Mrs Monaghan (intervention), Mrs Glynn (intervention), Mrs Durham (Maths intervention) Mrs Bevan-Mackie (teaching development lead) Mrs AM Taylor (music), Vacancy (NTE and Language Acquisition)

Nursery: Miss Myszkowski, Mrs Steinman, Mrs Allen, Mr Leigh, Miss Jewell.

Haven/Nurture: Mrs Martin, Mrs Connor, Miss Barnett, Mrs Howarth, Miss Barrow

Child Care: Miss Barnett, Ms Seymour, Mrs Keenan

Looking after the site: Mr Brooker, Mrs Brooker, Mrs Gach, Mrs Malara, Mrs Munday, Mrs Gale, Mrs Zhang, Vacancy (advertised Aug 2021)

Lunchtime supervisors:  Mrs Gale, Mrs Marshall, Mrs Brooker, Mrs Munday, Mrs Crawford, Mrs Ings, Mrs Moody, Mr Young (Lunchtime sports club)

Play Leaders: Maria Swain (lead), Kelsey White


Remote Learning Leads- Kevin Barnett/ Emma Hindley


Currently on maternity (m) sickness (S) or self-isolating (SI):

Mrs Bullingham (m), Ms Devereux (m), Mrs Durham (si), Mrs Crook (S),