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POLITE reminders- the school gates will be opening at the new time of 8.30 a.m and will close promptly at 8.45 a.m.......................Further INSET days for this academic year are - 13th December 2019, 20th July 2020....... please do not park on the zig zag lines, you put our children at risk when you do this...................We are continuing our name and shame campaign............................ thanks for your support in advance....................
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Church of England Community Academy

Who's Who

Centre Director & DSL: Mr Barnett

Deputy to the Centre Director & DSL: Miss Hindley (Currently on Maternity leave)

Heads of Learning & DSLs: Mrs Street, Miss Myszkowski

Head of Pastoral & SENCO : Mrs McCartney

Strategic Support Development Partner: Mr Hampton

Senior Accountability Team: Mr Barnett, Mrs McCartney, Miss Myszkowski, Mrs Street

Admin Team: Ms Henry, Mrs Hatton, Mrs Remsbery,

Parent Liaison, Mental Health Champion & DSL: Mrs Grove

School Kitchen: Ms Gregson, Ms Jameson

Data Protection Officer: Mr Luxford

Year 6: Mr Seymour, Mrs Durham, Mrs Hull

Year 5: Miss Sullivan, Mr Dyer, Miss Barrow, Miss Castle

Year 4: Mrs Ealey, Ms Bullingham

Year 3: Mr Jolly, Mrs Stichbury, Mrs Harnaszkiewicz

Year 2: Mr Whittle, Miss Blaikie , Miss Devereaux, Mrs Haworth

Year 1: Mrs Stewart, Miss Dromey, Miss Barnett, Miss Castle, Ms Seymour

Year R: Miss Salsbury, Mrs  Shorland, Mrs Allen, Miss Granger, Miss Parris, Mrs Szarkowska, Ms Payton

Specialist/ Cover Teachers:  Mrs Griffin, Mr Young, Mrs Collis, Mrs Steinman, Mrs Taylor, Mrs Monaghan, Mrs Dobbin, Mrs Glynn, Mrs Hazell

Nursery: Mrs Steinman,  Miss Myszkowski, Mrs Garland, Miss Barnett, Miss Parris, Miss Boulton, Mrs Allen.

Haven: Miss Fennell, Mrs Haworth, Mrs Martin, Mrs Durham

Child Care: Miss Castle, Miss Barnett, Mrs Pretty

Looking after the site: Mr Brooker, Mrs Szarkowska, Mrs Marfiany, Mrs Brooker, Mrs Oraniec, Mrs Kaur, Mrs Stronk.

Lunchtime supervisors:  Ms Stanley, Mrs Moody,  Mrs Gale, Mrs Marshall, Mrs Brooker, Mrs Seymour,  Mrs Munday,  Mrs Allen, Mrs Stronk, Mrs Marfiany, Ms Wallace.



Currently on maternity or leave:

 Miss Hindley, Mrs Staszczyk, Mrs Hibbert, Mrs Bell, Mr Oliver, Mrs Grove