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Church of England Community Academy Trust

Who's Who

The staff structure for 2023 - 2024 is outlined below


Members: Mr G Strange (Chairperson), Mrs V Caldwell, Mr M Tolcher, Mr N Page, Mr D Strange, Mr K Barnett (invited guest)

Directors: Mrs V Caldwell (Chairperson), Mrs J Parker (Vice chair), Ms S Groszewski (parent director), Revd K Linington, Mr Z Leigh, Miss N Myszkowski (invited guest), Mr K Barnett (invited guest), Mrs Bevan-Mackie (invited guest)

Executive Officer: Mr K Barnett- (Estates, Finance, Strategy)


Headteacher: Miss N Myszkowski

Deputy Headteacher: Mrs K Bevan-Mackie

Strategic Support Development Partner: Mr G Hampton

School Improvement Partner: Mr J Seal (Former HMI)

Senior Accountability Team (Strategic): Miss N Myszkowski (Lead DSL), Mrs K Bevan-Mackie (Deputy DSL), Mr K Barnett (DSL- Learning Hub), Mrs D Ricks (SENCo), Mrs V Caldwell (Chair of Directors) (Curriculum): Mr N Whittle, Mr M Seymour, Mrs K Crook

Lead for Professional Development: Mrs K Bevan-Mackie (Deputy DSL)

SENCo: Mrs D Ricks (Deputy DSL) 

Senior Mental Health and Emotional Literacy Lead/ELSA: Mrs J Martin (Deputy DSL)

Speech and Language Support Assistant (SALSA): Ms SA Tizard

Data Protection Officer: Mr K Barnett

Admin Team: Ms J Henry, Mrs C Hibbert, Mrs K Remsbery, Miss L Sullivan

Independent Advisor: Mrs C Young

Kitchen Staff: Mrs M Andres (Cook), Mrs M Swain (Kitchen Assistant)


Year 6: Mr M Seymour, Miss J Paine

Year 5: Miss G Saunders, Miss E Cowling

Year 4: Miss V Dromey (Deputy DSL), Mrs R Ealey/Miss A Potter (Job share)

Year 3: Mr S Jolly (Deputy DSL), Miss N Ankers

Year 2: Mr R Dyer (Deputy DSL), Mrs A Stichbury

Year 1: Mr N Whittle, Miss A Kinsella

Year R: Miss L Torpey, Mrs L Allen

Nursery: Mrs Machin/Mr Simmonds, Miss A Barnett, Miss B Eade, Mrs R Chan, Mrs C Allen (Lunch cover)


Learning Support Team: Miss J Barrow, Ms J Seymour, Mrs J Harnaszkiewicz, Miss C Horgan, Miss E Nicholls(pt), Mrs R Chan, Miss M Payton, Mrs D Garland, Mrs K Haworth, Ms P Powell, Mrs C Allen, Miss M Sanchez-Diaz, Miss L Marris, Mrs B Mazariegos Soto, Mrs A Riddell(pt), Mrs S Rabbetts(pt)

Specialist and Cover Teachers: Mr D Young (Sport), Mrs A Steinman (Reading Intervention, Library & Forest Schools), Mr D Simmonds (Cover/PPA), Mrs A Potter (Cover/Intervention), Mrs A Durham (Maths intervention), Ms AM Taylor (Music)

Student teacher(s): Mr Z Leigh (Wildern SCITT), Miss James (Year 3), Miss Young (Year 2), Miss Oliver (year 4)

Inclusion: Mrs J Martin, Ms SA Tizard, Miss T Rahman

Before and After School Care: Miss A Barnett, Ms J Seymour, Mrs C Allen, Mrs J Harnaszkiewicz

Learning Hub: Mr K Barnett (EXO), Mrs F Lines (Trainer), Mr A Wyatt (Maintenance), Mrs S Rabbetts (p/t assistant)


Buildings Manager: Mr E Brooker

Looking after the site: Mrs D Gale, Mrs T Munday, Miss M Swain, Miss C Taggart, Mrs C Ings

Lunchtime supervisors: Mrs D Gale, Mrs K Brooker, Mrs T Munday, Mrs C Ings, Mrs S Moody, Miss M Swain, Mr D Young (Lunchtime sports club)

Play Leaders: None at present

Volunteers: None at present

IT Support: Alphascan - Mr A Lucker


Currently on maternity (M) sickness (S) or (A) absent (L) leave

Mrs E Beattie (S), Mrs K Crook (M), Ms A Riddell (A), Ms T Munday (A), Mrs T Rahman (S), Mr R Dyer (S), Miss V Dromey (S), Mrs N Machin (S)


Trade Union Officials and Duties

There have been no requests for staff to undertake trade union duties in the years 2019-2020, 2020-2021, 2021-2022, 2022-2023