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We continue to be amazed at how well the children have settled, well done to all our fab pupils. As restrictions lift nationally, the academy will also look to 'ease' some areas. This will be done in a careful and progamatic way. We will not put pupils and staff at risk. The academy will remain vigilant, and we ask that parents do the same and support us to continue to get things back on 'an even keel'. As the children are settled, we will now be implementing the LA and national guidance on absence and lateness......thank you for your support in getting the children to school and on time, it helps them to settle in the morning and helps us to support their learning.
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Church of England Community Academy

Who's Who

The staff structure for 2020/21 there can be some changes, we ask parents to share any changes with their children. 


Centre Director & DSL: Mr Barnett

Deputy to the Centre Director & DSL: Miss Hindley, Miss Myszkowski

Heads of Learning & DSL: Miss Myszkowski, Mrs Street

Head of Pastoral, SENCO & DSL: Mrs McCartney

Strategic Support Development Partner: Mr Hampton

Lead for Professional Development & DSL: Mrs Bevan-Mackie

Senior Accountability Team (Non-Curruicular): Mr Barnett, Miss Hindley, Miss Myszkowski,  Mrs Bevan Mackie

Senior Accountability Team (Curriculum): Miss Hindley, Miss Myszkowski, Mrs Street, Mr Seymour, Mr Whittle, Mrs McCartney

Admin Team: Ms Henry, Mrs Hatton, Mrs Remsbery, Mrs Hibbert

School Kitchen: Ms Gregson

Data Protection Officer: Mr Luxford

Year 6: Mr Seymour, Miss Saunders, Mrs Durham, Mrs Monk (M), Mrs Haworth

Year 5: Mr Dyer, Mrs McCartney, Mrs Bevan-Mackie, Miss Barrow, Mrs Taylor, Mrs Harnaszkiewicz 

Year 4: Mr Jolly, Mrs Bell, Mrs Pretty, Ms Payton, Mrs Marshall, Mrs Monk (F)

Year 3: Mrs Stichbury, Mrs Ealey, Mrs Crump, Ms Seymour

Year 2: Mr Whittle, Miss Dromey, Miss Devereaux, Mrs Keenan

Year 1: Mrs Street, Miss Blaikie, Miss Salsbury, Miss Granger, Miss Horgan

Year R: Mrs Shorland, Mrs Stewart, Mrs Monaghan, Mrs Staszczyk, Miss Barnett


Specialist/ Cover Teachers: Mr Young (Sport), Mrs Steinman (Lib & Forest schools), Mrs Taylor (Cover), Mrs Monaghan (intervention), Mrs Glynn (intervention), Mrs Durham (Maths intervention lead) Mrs Bevan-Mackie (teaching development lead) Mrs Taylor (music), VACANCY (NTE and Language Acquisition)

Nursery: Miss Myszkowski, Mrs Steinman, Mrs Garland, Mrs Allen, Mr Leigh, Miss Jewell.

Haven: Mrs Martin, Mrs Connor, Miss Barnett

Child Care: Child care is now available from 19th April 2021. Miss Barnett, Mrs Keenan, Ms Seymour

Looking after the site: Mr Brooker, Mrs Brooker, Mrs Stronk, Mrs Gach, Mrs Marfiany, Mrs Crawford, Mrs Malara, Mrs Szarkowska

Lunchtime supervisors:  Mrs Gale, Mrs Marshall, Mrs Brooker, Mrs Munday, Mrs Stronk, Mrs Marfiany, Mrs Crawford, Mrs Ings, Mrs Moody


Remote Learning Leads- Kevin Barnett/ Emma Hindley



Currently on maternity (m) or sickness (S):

Mrs Dobbin (m), Mrs Bullingham (m)