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Church of England Community Academy Trust

Design Technology


At Freemantle, it is our intent that the Design and Technology curriculum will inspire pupils, build on their curiosity of the world and how things work as well as spark their creativity through imagination. The teaching of Design and Technology will equip children with the fundamental knowledge of buildings, structures and enable them to express themselves through designing, making and evaluating a variety of products. Children will gain the knowledge of healthy eating and nutrition, as well as understand where our food comes from and why humans need this source. By exposing children to real life scenarios, they will make products that fit specific purposes and will be designed for an intended user. Children will draw on their cross curricular knowledge and gain a deep understanding of how elements of Design and Technology impact on the wider world they live in. This will all result in enriching the cultural capital of our children by showing them the possibilities that lie ahead of them in life. They will realise that with the correct purpose and intent behind them, possibilities are endless. We will ensure that they have the skills needed to put their dreams into action.