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Church of England Community Academy Trust

Vision and Values

Academy Vision

‘Everyone is welcome’

Freemantle Community Academy has evolved over its 165-year history and we are proud of our ethos that ‘Everyone is Welcome’ here.


At Freemantle we remember the parable of the Good Samaritan and ask all members of our school family to “Love thy neighbour as yourself” Mark 12.31. Freemantle pupils are taken on a journey of growth and discovery to become global citizens who respect and care for each other and the world around them. Our pupils are encouraged to take an active role in developing a culture of mutual respect to grow into compassionate and courageous individuals destined to succeed.


At Freemantle, pupils’ personal, social and emotional development takes priority.


Pupils receive a diverse yet inclusive experience that celebrates and embeds social diversity, culture and spirituality, and unlocks potential in all learners to become resilient, independent and responsible citizens.


At Freemantle we aim to create a safe learning environment with a welcoming atmosphere to create a sense of belonging within our Freemantle family.


We aspire to build on the children’s natural curiosity to provide them with an engaging, inspiring and challenging curriculum, that cultivates high standards and achievement, and enriches our children’s cultural capital. Pupils explore the impact of human actions on the environment and are offered the opportunity to positively challenge and question the impact on their future world.


Academy Values

Creativity, Fellowship and Courage


What do you see when you look in a mirror? What do you think others’ think when they look at you? At Freemantle we want our pupils to celebrate how wonderfully unique they are, but also appreciate and value the diverse community we live in. We celebrate our differences and talents, and through a growth-mindset, we support our pupils to develop ambitious goals and have high aspirations for the future.



What do you bring to our Academy to make it a great place to be? What do other people do to help create this culture? At Freemantle we value the significance of meaningful relationships, and this is taught and instilled from the moment children start their learning journey with us. Through immersive and co-constructed learning, we are able to support pupils to learn how through close fellowship we can live and work together in harmony and for the greater good.



Where do you find your courage? At Freemantle we aim to cultivate courage in our pupils and appreciate the difference they can make in make in the world through the brave choices they make each and every day. Through Restorative Practice we develop children’s skills to unpick behaviours and appreciate the subtleties of their actions, and understand the impact this has on those around them and how we can support each others’ mental health.