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Freemantle Stories

Freemantle Stories: Please Mrs Butler

This evening's Freemantle Story is the last one for this half term. We'll be returning next half term, but to round off what has been a wonderful few weeks during which we have shared some of our favourite stories and our collective love of reading, Mrs Steinman is reading two of her favourite poems from the classic collection Please Mrs Butler.

The first poem, Please Mrs Butler, is one anyone who has been in a classroom, regardless of age, can probably relate to, while the second involves flying cakes!

Freemantle Stories: That's Not a Hippopotamus!

In tonight's Freemantle Story, Ms Hindley reads the wonderfully funny That's Not a Hippopotamus! It's a story about a school trip gone wrong, pupils who need to pay more attention in science and a teacher who needs to pay more attention to her quietest pupil!

Perfect for animal lovers 🦛
Great for fans of funny books 🤣
Suitable for all 👍

Freemantle Stories: Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

This evening's Freemantle Story continues the Harry Potter theme started yesterday, as Miss Blaikie reads an extract from the second book The Chamber of Secrets. This extract introduces the character Dobby, and Miss Blaikie showcases a real range of voices!

One for Harry Potter fans, and for anyone who's looking for their next great series.

Freemantle Stories: Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone

Our Freemantle Stories return with something that many of our pupils already love regardless of age, and a series that we see act as a gateway into reading for so many pupils. Whether it's read by parents or carers as a bedtime story, or read by pupils themselves, Harry Potter has helped millions of children to fall in love with reading.

So whether your child is already a huge fan or has never read a single page, Mrs Bell brings us an extract from the very first chapter of the very first book, right back at the start of Harry Potter and The Philosopher's Stone.

Freemantle Stories: You're Called What?

Tonight's story is perfect for animal-lovers (especially weird animals) or anybody who likes a book filled - literally - with laughter! Miss Myszkowski is reading the Kes Gray book You're Called What?! - a book all about animals with funny names! It's funny, but also teaches readers about some really unusual creatures. One of the biggest misconceptions with books is that only young children read picture books. This couldn't be further from the truth and all pupils get so much out of reading a wide range of books.

Great for readers who love funny books 🤣
Perfect for readers interested in animals 🦝
Suitable for everyone 🌎

Freemantle Stories: The Smeds and the Smoos

To begin our second week of Freemantle Stories, Miss Salsbury takes us into space with the classic Julia Donaldson story The Smeds and the Smoos. So many of our pupils love stories by Julian Donaldson - The Gruffalo, Stick Man, The Snail and the Whale, to name a few - and this is another great story with an important message of acceptance and love (Year 6 pupils, spot the Romeo & Juliet similarities in this story).
Teachers are giving out house points if your child quizzes our Freemantle Stories at home (for pupils in Years 2-6). Please keep encouraging your children to listen along and quiz - reading is the key to success!

Perfect for younger pupils but suitable for all ✔
Quizzable on Accelerated Reader ✔
Romeo & Juliet in space (without the tragic parts) 👽💘👽

Freemantle Stories: I Talk Like a River

This evening, Mrs Bevan-Mackie is reading a really special, beautifully-illustrated book called I Talk Like a River. This is a wonderful story of resilience and hope and a great way to end our first week of Freemantle Stories.

Perfect for more mature readers but enjoyable by all ✔
Awesome Dad ✔✔
Quizzable on Accelerated Reader ✔✔✔

Freemantle Stories: The Little Raindrop

This evening, Mr Whittle is reading The Little Raindrop, a lovely story that teaches children about the water cycle in a very friendly way! A perfect, soothing story for younger pupils, but one that teaches an important scientific concept that our older pupils learn in Key Stage 2.

Great for inquisitive minds 🧐
Perfect for children who love nature 🐬

Freemantle Stories: Limelight Larry

Hi Freemantle,

Every day for the rest of term, one of your wonderful teachers is going to be reading one of their favourite stories in a video especially for you! These are for you to enjoy at home - many of them are quizabble on Accelerated Reader (Year 2-6) and all of them are wonderful examples of the great stories, poems and novels that your teachers love. We hope that they open up a world of books for you. Come back each day (Monday-Friday) to see who's reading that day!

Today, Mrs Ealey is reading Introducing Limelight Larry

Quizzable on Accelerated Reader ✔
Suitable for all ✔
🤣🤣🤣 ✔