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Open day for prospective year R parents will be on Tuesday 7th November 2023. Please phone the academy on 02380 227 925 to book a place. Thank you.
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Eco Schools

Our Eco code


After reflecting on all the work that they have done this year and all that they have achieved, the Eco warriors have written an eco code for our school.

Competition time!

The Eco warriors did an assembly for the whole school, all about waste and saving the oceans. They also told the children about a competition they are running to design a poster around the theme of saving our seas and plastic pollution. They can't wait to choose an upper and lower school winner from all the entries.


Did you know that each year in the UK 1.4 million wearable school uniforms are thrown away? You can help to reduce this number by passing uniform on to friends, donating uniform to our academy and buying uniform from our pre-loved uniform sales. Not only will you be helping the planet, you will be saving lots of money too!

School Grounds

The Eco warriors have been planting more wild flowers- this time in and and around the playground.



The eco warriors have been talking about how litter is not only dangerous for wildlife in our local environment, but that it can end up polluting the sea. With this in mind, the eco warriors have been out in the playground with litter pickers promoting this message and encouraging other children to join in. 

School Grounds


The Eco warriors have been hard at work in the school grounds this afternoon; planting wild flower seed balls and creating a big log pile habitat. Log piles provide homes for lots of insects as well as for fungus, lichen and moss.

Pre-loved clothes sale


The Eco warriors held their first pre-loved clothes sale today. Thank you to the parents who braved the rain to come and buy some uniform. We made £9 which is a good start. We will hold another sale next half term. 

Re-fillable glue sticks!

At Freemantle we are now using refillable glue sticks which means we no longer have to throw away any old used glue sticks. Unfortunately glue sticks are no recyclable so end up in landfill sites. The refills for our new refillable glue sticks come in cannisters which can easily be washed and re-used or sent back to Nexus (the company that make them) to be refilled again! Charlie from Nexus came to talk to the Eco warriors about the benefits of the glue sticks and discuss their ideas for re-using the glue cannisters. The children talked about using the cannisters to send messages, store sweets and build towers!


As part of our School grounds topic the Eco warriors have been discussing the importance of trees and plants both indoor and outdoors. One member shared this idea for planting indoors. Maybe families would enjoy creating this at home....


How To Make a terrarium
  1. Fill the bottom of a glass jar or bottom of a plastic bottle with small pebbles—about 2–3 inches high.
  2. Fill it with potting soil about ¾ of the way up.
  3. Plant a couple of small indoor plants in the terrarium.
  4. Let your child fill their terrarium with special objects of their choice.



Second hand clothes shop

The Eco warriors have been working hard to sort out lots of second hand clothes into size order, ready for our second hand uniform shop. More details to follow...

Action Plan!

The Eco warriors have worked hard to decide on what actions they would like to take to improve our three focus topics across the academy. Here is their action plan...

Eco warriors

An Eco warrior has been elected from each class, from year 1 to year 6. There first task was to carry out an Environmental  Review to find out what we are doing well as a school and areas we could improve. As a result of this audit we would like to share the following topics which we will be working on the academic year:


School Grounds