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Eco Schools

Clean air workshop!


The Eco warriors were lucky enough to have a workshop on clean air. This was hosted by Tom who works for an eco company called CAG consultants. The children used maps of the local area to identify the most polluted areas and designed pictures to be used on a clean air map. Two of the Eco warriors were able to go out into the local area and measure pollution levels. They recorded the results and compared the pollution levels in different areas. We were surprised that the levels in the local park were the same as Waterloo road!

The Big Walk and Wheel 2024!


We are taking part in the annual Big Walk and Wheel which encourages families to travel actively to school. Each day classes will record how many children walked, scooted or cycled to school and these results will be submitted. As well as being good for mental health and well-being, active travel helps reduce pollution levels around our school and local community. There is also the chance to win some great prizes if lots of people take part!

School Clean Air project


The Eco warriors have had two meetings with Amber Titchener (Sustainable Schools Officer) and Rachel Oliver (Sustainable Transport Officer) to work on the School Clean Air project. The children have looked at travel data for the school and  pollution data from the Airly monitor in the playground. They used this data to create bar charts and talk about reasons for the results. The children then discussed what they can do to help encourage active travel to school. 

The ocean starts here...

Litter picking around our school can help to reduce plastics reaching the oceans through our drains. Thank you to all the children who volunteered to litter pick at lunch time today.

Lichen hunting!


The children in Forest school had great fun looking for different types of lichen around the school grounds. Sustainable Schools Officer, Amber Titchner taught the children that these tiny plants can tell us about the pollution levels in the area. The orange lichens live in polluted air, green lichens need really clean air and grey lichens can live with a small amount of pollution. The children found mostly grey lichen, however they did spot some orange lichen in the woodland walk way. The children noticed that this lichen was in an area very close to the busy Paynes road. This work is part of the Schools Clean Air project that we are taking part in this year.

Keeping our school grounds tidy and litter free!


The children understand how dangerous litter can be to wildlife, as well as being unpleasant to look at. Well done to all the children who volunteered to help pick up litter at lunch time- you did an amazing job! 

Bikeability training


The children in Year 5 and 6 were lucky enough to have instructors come in to teach them cycling skills. This included supporting children who were non-riders, learning how to carry out basic bike safety checks and the more confident riders cycling around on the local roads. We were  able to borrow bikes and helmets so that  all children could have an opportunity to join in.

Great team work!

Action planning!


The Eco warriors have spent two meetings thinking of all the positive changes they would like to make to make our school more environmentally friendly. These ideas have been used to create our action plan for the year. We can't wait to get started!

The Eco warriors have chosen the following as their focus topics for this academic year:






Well done to all our families who walked, cycled, scooted or parked & strode to school this month! Thank you for the photos and caption of these active journeys for our display. It is lovely to share all the positive experiences which include looking for spiders and snails, spotting yellow cars and enjoying the seasonal changes. 

School Clean Air Project


This year we are excited to be taking part in the Southampton City Council 'School Clean Air project'. The aim of this project is to develop the children's understanding of air pollution including what causes it, how we can monitor it and how to we can help to reduce it. The first part of the project was to carry out a travel survey outside of the school gates, finding out how our families travel to school. 

See link below to read our Environmental Review




Eco warriors


Our new team of Eco Warriors met twice over this first autumn half term, working hard to complete an Environmental Review. This review highlights areas where we are doing well with eco issues, as well as areas were we feel we could improve. We scored lots of points for our work on transport, the school grounds, waste and litter!