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Church of England Community Academy Trust


The Board of Directors

The number of directors varies according to the size of the school or academy. Freemantle's directors are made up of:


  • Staff directors
  • Foundation directors (members appointed by the Church)
  • Community directors
  • Parent directors (normally parents or carers of children currently attending the school)


In addition the Headteacher and Executive Officer are directors but have no voting rights (N Myszkowski and K Barnett

Roles of Directors

Directors are the strategic leaders of our schools and have a vital role to play in making sure every child gets the best possible education. The purpose of the Board of Directors is to conduct the academy with a view to promoting high standards of educational achievement. In addition to the appointment of leadership roles, the roles of the directors monitor and challenge progress and attainment, the effectiveness of the curriculum, the health and safety of pupils, staff and visitors, and ensuring the academy's finances are spent wisely and for the benefit of the children's education.

To ensure these areas are fully explored, the directors have established a number of committees and working groups and these meet regularly during the year. The full board of directors meets twice each term, receiving reports from the various groups, looking closely and specific areas, such as SATs results, and discussing a headteacher's statement at each meeting. The board of directors also tries to maintain close links with parents or carers and welcomes comments and questions from any parent or carer of children at the school.



The Board of Directors (Governing Body) are looking for new Directors to join their team. As a Director you will be a volunteer who makes a vital contribution to the success of the academy. This role may be of particular interest if you have skills in human resources, buildings, data or education, but we invite applications from anyone who is interested in helping the academy to be the best it can be. Full training is available either in person or online. We are looking for someone who can attend approximately six full Directors meetings per year and around six committee meetings per year. Meetings are held in school, from around 5pm to 8pm. Directors also carry out school visits at least twice a year. You must be 18 or over to apply and all Directors must have Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) checks. To find out more or register your interest, please contact our Chair Of Directors, Val Caldwell, via email on the following address:

Director Committees:

Curriculum and Standards

Chair: Mrs Janet Parker

Mrs V Caldwell

Mr Mike Denness

Mrs Kathryn Bevan-Mackie (invited guest)


Finance/Audit Committee

Chair: Mr Jack Powell

Mrs Val Caldwell  

Mr Jeremy Moulton  

Mr Kevin Barnett (Invited guest)

Miss Nina Myszkowski (Invited guest)

Directors Link Curriculum Areas


EnglishMrs Janet Parker
MathematicsMrs Janet Parker
Science/ EcoMr Jeremy Moulton

Humanities (Geography, History, MFL)


Mrs Val Caldwell
RE/CW/SMSC/British ValuesMiss Nina Myszkowski
PEMr Jack Powell
SEN- (Link)

Mr K Barnett

Safeguarding/Equal Opportunities                                          


Mrs Val Caldwell



Governance Clerk: Mrs Tracy O'Connor


Responsible Officer: Mrs Carole Young




Mr Grant Strange- (chair)                                                                 appointed 26 Sept 2019

PI- Employed by Nexus education- provide some resources to the academy

PI- Director of Tenax Vult Ltd- no connections with the academy

PI- Director of ELS Europe Ltd- provide some resources to the academy (Sept 2022)

Mrs Val Caldwell - (Trustee)                                                             appointed 01 April 2011

PI- Employed by TA South- apprentices supplied to academy

PI- Trustee of Southampton Cooperative Learning Trust- Partner trust to Freemantle

Mr David DeKretser                                                                          appointed 12 October 2021

Mr Mark Tolcher                                                                                appointed 5 July 2022

Mr Kevin Barnett- (Executive Officer)                                   (Guest) appointed 01 April 2011

PI- Employed by FCA- Daughter works for FCA

PI- Trustee of Southampton Cooperative Learning Trust- Partner trust to Freemantle

Mr Mike Denness                                                                                    appointed 26 Sept 2019

PI- Councillor for Southampton City Council                                           resigned 4 July 2022

The last Members meeting took place on Tuesday 12th October 2021.

Future meetings for this academic year:

Tuesday 8th March 2022

Tuesday 5th July 2022


Agreed Members meetings 2022-23

11th October 2022

7th March 2023

4th July 2023


Agreed Members meetings 2022-2023

Member                                  Attended                         Possible attendance

Grant Strange                           1                                                1

Val Caldwell                              1                                                1

David Dekretser                        1                                                1

Kevin Barnett                            1                                                1

Mark Tolcher                             1                                                1


Agreed Members meetings 2021-2022

12th October 2021

8th March 2022

5th July 2022


Agreed Members meetings 2021-2022

Member                                  Attended                         Possible attendance

Grant Strange                               2                                             3

Val Caldwell                                  3                                             3

David Dekretser                            3                                             3

Kevin Barnett                                3                                             3

Mark Tolcher                                 1                                             1

Mike Denness                               3                                             3




Meet our directors

The directors have consulted on the academy’s admissions policy for 2023/24. The policy is available on the academy website (see Admissions). If you would like to make any comments about the policy, please e-mail them to the academy’s admissions consultant, Mrs Jo Glenton, at or put your comments in writing, marked for the attention of Mrs Jo Glenton to the school office.

The information on governance included here supplements that described in the Directors' Report and in the Statement of Directors responsibilities. The Board of Directors has formally met twice during this year. Attendance during the year at meetings of the board of directors was as follows:





Out of a Possible


K Barnett (EO- non vote)

2  2             appt 21/04/03

V J Caldwell (Chair)

2  2             appt 12/11/20

J Moulton

1  2             appt 01/04/20
J Powell 2  2             appt 23/03/18

J Parker

2  2             appt 21/09/18

N Myszkowski- (staff)

2  2             appt 21/11/19

M Denness

1  2             appt 30/06/22
E Hindley (ex officio- non-vote)1  2             Resigned 1st Jan 2023

 Z Leigh (support staff director)                  1                      1              appt 24/11/22


Agreed Board of Directors meetings for 2022/23

Autumn 1- 22nd September 2022

Autumn 2 – 24th November 2022

Spring 1 – 26th January 2023

Spring 2 – 9th  March 2023

Summer 1 – 11th May 2023

Summer 2 –  29th June 2023


Agreed Curriculum and Standards meetings 2022/23

Autumn 1- 15th September 2022

Autumn 2- 23rd November 2022

Spring 1- 18th January 2023

Spring 2- 2nd March 2023

Summer 1- 4th May 2023

Summer 2- 22nd June 2023


Agreed Finance Committee meetings 2022/23

Autumn 1- 8th September 2022

Autumn 2- 10th November 2022

Spring 1- 12th January 2023

Spring 2- 23rd February 2023

Summer 1- 15th May 2023

Summer 2- 23rd June 2023






Out of a Possible


K Barnett (Executive Head)

6 6                    appt 21/04/03

V J Caldwell (Chair)

5 6                    appt 12/11/20

J Moulton

3 6                    appt 01/04/20

J Powell

5 6                    appt 23/03/18

J Parker

6 6                    appt 21/09/18

N Myszkowski- (staff)

6 6                    appt 21/11/19

M Denness

11                     appt 30/06/22
E Hindley11                     appt 30/06/22
K Staszczyk66                      resigned 30 June 2022


Agreed Board of Directors meetings for 2021/22

Autumn 1- 23rd September 2021

Autumn 2 – 18th November 2021

Spring 1 – 27th January 2022

Spring 2 – 17th  March 2022

Summer 1 – 12th May 2022

Summer 2 –  30th June 2022


Agreed Curriculum and Standards meetings 2021/22

Autumn 1- 14th September 2021

Autumn 2- 9th November 2021

Spring 1- 18th January 2022

Spring 2- 8th March 2022

Summer 1- 3rd May 2022

Summer 2- 21st June 2022


Agreed Finance Committee meetings 2021/22

Autumn 1- 16th September 2021

Autumn 2- 11th November 2021

Spring 1- 20th January 2022

Spring 2- 10th March 2022

Summer 1- 5th May 2022

Summer 2- 23rd June 2022

Pecuniary Interests


Mr Kevin Barnett              - Daughter Employed by Freemantle Academy

                                         - Trustee for Southampton Cooperative Learning Trust

Mr Jeremy Moulton          - Councillor Southampton City Council

Mrs Val Caldwell              - TA South, Company that supplies Modern Apprenticeships

                                        - Trustee for Southampton Cooperative Learning Trust

Mrs Janet Parker             - Diocesan Rep- Christchurch Freemantle

Miss Nina Myszkowski    - Staff member at Freemantle Academy

Mr J Powell                      - Daughter employed by Freemantle Academy

Mr M Denness                 - Councillor Southampton City Council

Mr Z Leigh                       - Member of staff at Freemantle Academy