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Church of England Community Academy Trust

Welcome to Freemantle CE Community Academy






 At Freemantle... where everyone is     welcome...

A note from our Executive Officer, Kevin Barnett:

Freemantle is a truly special place for children and a 'spiritual' haven to be a part of. I am proud of every one of our pupils and the achievements they make. When you visit you will see an industrious work ethic from the pupils and a sea of smiling faces, every one unique and every one valued.


At Freemantle we celebrate achievement, progress and effort both academically, socially and emotionally. We endeavour to build fellowship, courage and creativity in all we do; we openly share our own thoughts and views and how our own spirituality can be used to support, model, encourage and develop young minds, but also challenge our own beliefs and perception of the world.


Our pupils will be nurtured and encouraged to explore their own beliefs and ideals, and follow in the teachings of 'God', but also celebrate and respect the faiths of others, and reflect upon these in all we do.


Best wishes, Kevin Barnett


A note from our Headteacher, Nina Myszkowski:


           “Every child deserves a champion” Rita Pierson


At Freemantle we truly embrace the wise words shared by fellow educator Rita Pierson; every child deserves a champion. At Freemantle Academy we strive to nurture and cultivate a love of learning and help every child understand the value of reaching their full potential. We are fully committed to developing well rounded, happy children who aim high and progress onto the next chapter of their lives with the skills, knowledge and experiences to achieve their dreams. Through doing this we ‘champion’ each child and empower them to build strong foundations for lifelong learning.


Our curriculum is diverse, literature rich, and steeped in memorable moments, to bring learning to life. It is designed to ignite curiosity, embrace the wonderful diversity in the world we live in, whilst empowering every child to develop a love of reading. We are passionate about our children’s personal development as we know that a healthy body and healthy mind enables learning. We embrace our church school ethos and exploit opportunities to develop our children’s spiritual, moral, social and cultural development through our curriculum and the range of enrichment opportunities we seek to provide.


I am proud of our team of dedicated and enthusiastic staff who have high expectations and encourage our pupils to believe in themselves and develop key learning behaviours for success at Freemantle and beyond. I invite you to learn more about our academy by coming in to see us in action and see for yourselves what a special place we are.


Warmest wishes, Nina Myszkowski