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More Testimonials

"Thanks to Freemantle Community Academy's amazing teachers and approach, our son is becoming more independent, motivated, and absolutely loves going to school. We've been so impressed with the thought, time, and energy they put into the classroom and teaching. His teachers' encouragement, patience, and care during his first year of school will have a positive impact on the coming years and we will be forever grateful."

-Mrs Prabhu



"We can't speak highly enough of the Nursery.We have seen so much to inspire confidence in our son being here. Our son goes to Nursery with a smile on his face and when I  pick him up his smile is still there. He looks forward to going to Nursery everyday. The quality of teaching is OUTSTANDING. All the activities he does are well planned to help with development. His confidence has increased with adults and other children and he has made friends and is always talking about Nursery. We highly recommend this Nursery to anyone!"

-Sebastian and Family 


When Frank started at Freemantle nursery he was a little nervous and took a while to settle. All the staff worked really hard to get him to feel at home there. He now loves to go, and has lots of friends there. The staff work really closely with the children and as such noticed that Frank would benefit from some additional speech and language support. They very quickly referred Frank to a speech therapist for an assessment, and subsequently have been going over and above to accommodate speech and language therapy sessions during nursery hours, communicating regularly about his progress. Whenever I have had any concerns about Frank, either related to nursery or his home life, the staff have had some excellent advice and have supported us to resolve the situation. Frank has learned so much, even considering that schools have been closed for a large proportion of his time there - they even provided lots of online activities and home learning packs for the children. His time at nursery has been a great preparation for starting school, we hope he gets a place to start Year R at Freemantle with his friends! 

-Ms Groszewski