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Nursery Curriculum Goals - what we would like our children to achieve by the end of Nursery (Intent)



Communication and Language

To become a lively listener and chirpy chatterbox in everyday play and focussed sessions, showing the ability to listen carefully, follow instructions, and think through and extend their ideas, using a developing range of vocabulary.



Personal, Social and Emotional Development

To settle in and become a star student who interacts with others, shares thoughts and resources patiently, and shows perseverance, persistence and confidence in their play and interactions, understanding their feelings and those of others. To develop confidence and independence in managing their personal care.



Physical Development

To become an eager athlete, who is a creative and adaptive mover, and can confidently use the balance bikes and scooters. To develop fabulous fingers, showing control when manipulating equipment and mark making tools safely and with increasing skill.





To become a superhero sound spy, who can tune into, listen and remember sounds. To become a bold book lover, who enjoys sharing a range of books and is excited to learn and use new vocabulary related to stories, poems and songs. To become a marvellous mark maker, who adds detail to their pictures and can write the first two letters of their name.




To become a curious counter, using mathematical knowledge and language naturally in everyday play, subitising, counting and representing marks to at least 5, as well as exploring comparison and measure. To be a capable constructor, using blocks and shapes to make increasingly complex constructions.



Understanding the World

To become an adventurous explorer, who shows curiosity about the world around them through hands on exploration, and talks about what they can see, noticing differences and making connections.



Expressive Arts and Design

To become an emerging artist, who explores materials freely and with purpose and develops their skills and techniques to make simple representations and creations. To become a sassy singer, singing songs and exploring pitch, tone and melody.



The 7 Features of Effective Practice