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Church of England Community Academy Trust

Hopes for a Freemantle child.

A Freemantle Child will be:

a successful learner who…………..

Will have essential learning skills in literacy, numeracy and ICT; is creative, resourceful and able to solve problems; has an enquiring mind; can communicate well; enjoys learning and finding out about the world; has a positive attitude and is well motivated; is able to learn from mistakes; is happy.



A confident individual who…………

Has a sense of personal worth and pride in his or her self; relates well to other and forms good relationships with a variety of people; is aware of his or her own and others’ emotions; is increasingly independent, is able to take the initiative and organise him or her self; is aware of the benefits of a healthy lifestyle; is physically competent and confident; is aware of risk and is able to stay safe; recognise his or her own talents and has ambition; is willing to try new things and make the most of opportunities; is open to the excitement and inspiration offered by the natural world and human achievement; has a sense of humour.


A responsible citizen who………….

Is well prepared for life; is able to work co-operatively; respects others; is truthful and honest; understands the importance of his or her and others’ cultures and traditions; has a sense of his or her place in the world; has ideas to sustain and improve the environment; begins to understand the effect of global issues on peoples’ lives; takes account of the needs of others; understands that individuals can initiate change for the better; understands that there are conflicting values in society.


A Freemantle child will develop the following skills:

Independent enquiry: able to process and evaluate information, plan what to do and how to do it. Take informed decisions and recognise that others may have different beliefs and attitudes.

Creative thinking: able to generate and explore ideas. Try different ways to tackle a problem, working with others to find imaginative solutions.

Reflection: able to evaluate own strengths and limitations, setting realistic goals. Evaluate own performance and progress, with help from peers and adults. Make changes to further learning.

Team working: able to work confidently with others, adapting to different tasks and taking responsibility. Listen to and take notice of different views. Able to resolve issues and reach agreement.

Self management: able to organise self, show personal responsibility, initiative, creativity and enterprise with a love of learning. Happy to work with change and respond positively to new priorities, coping with challenges.

Effective participation: able to actively engage with issues that affect them and those around them. Play a full part in the life of the school. Look for improvements that can be made.



With your support we can ensure this is true of every child at Freemantle School, and wouldn’t that be a great achievement!