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Who's Who

Centre Director & DSL: Mr Barnett

Deputy to the Centre Director & DSL: Miss Hindley

Heads of Learning: Mrs Street, Miss Kavanagh, Miss Myszkowski

SENCO: Miss Banton

Admin Team: Ms Henry, Mrs Hatton, Mrs Remsbery, Miss Stubbington

School Kitchen: Ms Bunney, Mrs Rice, Ms Gregson, Ms Jameson

Our Librarians: Mr Parsloe

Year 6: Mr Seymour, Mrs Cafuta, Mrs Elmes, Mrs Durham, Miss Aston

Year 5: Miss Daniel, Miss Sullivan, Mrs Russell

Year 4: Mr Whittle, Miss Dear, Mrs Szarkowska, Mrs Allen, Mrs Harrison

Year 3: Mr Dyer, Miss ZawislakMiss Barrow, Miss Devereaux

Year 2: Mr Jolly, Miss Dyke, Mrs Hull, Miss McAlpine

Year 1: Miss Kavanagh, Mrs Courtney, Mrs Harnaszkiewicz, Miss Castle, 

Year R: Miss Salsbury, Mrs  Weston, Mrs Pretty, Miss Payton, Miss Barnett, Mrs Seymour, Miss Stratford, Miss Devereaux, Miss Witt.

Intervention LSA: Mrs Newbold

Cover Teacher:  Miss Juan Abad

Specialist Teachers:  Mrs Taylor, Miss Zawislak, Mr Luxford, Mr Young

Early Years, Nursery and Little Lambs: Mrs Steinman,  Miss Myszkowski, Mrs Garland, Mrs Archer, Mrs Maskelyne, Miss Jewell, Miss Buttler, Mrs Staszczyk, Miss Granger, Miss Glister.

Haven: Miss Fennell, Mrs Haworth, Mrs Newbold, Mrs Elmes, Mrs Martin, Miss Aston, Mrs Durham,  Miss McAlpine

Child Care: Miss Castle, Miss Aston, Miss Barnett, Miss Payton

Looking after the site: Mr Brooker, Mrs Szarkowska, Mrs Marfiany, Mrs Brooker, Ms Munday, Mrs  Szarkowska,  Mrs  Oraniec, Mr Remsbery, 

Lunchtime supervisors:  Ms Stanley, Mrs Moody, Ms Schuppe, Mrs Gale, Mrs Marshall, Mrs Hyder, Mrs Matthews, Mrs Brooker, Mrs Seymour, Miss Payton,  Miss Galka, Mrs Maycock, Mrs McMillan, Miss Barnett, Miss McAlpine, Mrs Munday, Ms Akthar, Mr Syed Syed. Mrs Allen.



Currently on maternity/leave:

Mrs Dickinson, Mrs Willmore, Mrs Street,  Miss McAulay


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