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Karate and all school clubs have now finished for the term - As the weather is changeable at the moment, please ensure your children attend school with a coat and appropriate footwear for the conditions. Many thanks.
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Church of England Community Academy

Who's Who

Centre Director & DSL: Mr Barnett

Deputy to the Centre Director & DSL: Miss Hindley (Currently on Maternity leave)

Heads of Learning & DSLs: Mrs Street, Miss Myszkowski

Head of Pastoral & SENCO : Mrs McCartney

Strategic Support Development Partner: Mr Hampton

Senior Accountability Team: Mr Barnett, Mrs Grove, Mrs McCartney, Miss Myszkowski, Mrs Street

Admin Team: Ms Henry, Mrs Hatton, Mrs Remsbery,

Parent Liaison Officer & DSL: Mrs Grove

School Kitchen: Ms Gregson, Ms Jameson

Data Protection Officer: Mr Luxford

Year 6: Mr Seymour, Miss Sullivan, Mrs Durham, Mrs Hull

Year 5: Mr Whittle, Miss Barrow, Miss Castle, Mrs Szarkowska

Year 4: Miss Powell, Mrs Ealey, Mrs Newbold, Mrs Elmes

Year 3: Mr Jolly, Mrs Stichbury, Mrs Harnaszkiewicz, Ms Stratford

Year 2: Mr Dyer, Ms Bullingham, Miss Devereaux, Mrs Haworth

Year 1: Mrs Stewart, Mrs Staddon, , Miss Barnett, Miss Castle, Mr Parsloe, Ms Seymour

Year R: Miss Salsbury, Mrs  Shorland, Mrs Allen, Miss Granger, Miss Parris, Mrs Staszczyk.

Intervention LSA: Mrs Newbold

Specialist/ Cover Teachers:  Mrs Griffin, Mr Young, Mrs Collis, Mrs Steinman, Mrs Taylor, Mr Oliver, Mrs Monaghan, Miss Dimon

Nursery: Mrs Steinman,  Miss Myszkowski, Mrs Garland, Miss Barnett, Mrs Staszczyk, Miss Parris, Miss Boulton, Mrs Allen.

Haven: Miss Fennell, Mrs Haworth, Mrs Elmes, Mrs Martin, Mrs Durham

Child Care: Miss Castle, Miss Barnett, Mrs Martin

Looking after the site: Mr Brooker, Mrs Szarkowska, Mrs Marfiany, Mrs Brooker, Mrs Oraniec, Mrs Kaur, Mrs Stronk.

Lunchtime supervisors:  Ms Stanley, Mrs Moody,  Mrs Gale, Mrs Marshall, Mrs Brooker, Mrs Seymour,  Mrs Munday,  Mrs Allen, Mrs Stronk, Mrs Akthar, Mrs Marfiany, Ms Wallace.



Currently on maternity or leave:

 Miss Hindley, Mrs Pretty, Miss Payton, Mrs Hibbert,