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Our team of staff and directors wish you all a safe and well deserved summer break. See you on Tuesday 4th September, ready and raring to go.
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The Royal Wedding!


This week in Nursery we are thinking about the Royal Wedding that will be happening on Saturday 19th May! The children have been having lots of fun learning all about weddings and the Royal Family. We have enjoyed looking at wedding albums and talking about different roles in preparation for our own royal wedding on Friday!

Mrs Allen got married in 2001. Today she dusted off her wedding dress from the loft and dressed in her beautiful dress for the children to admire! The children thought she looked like a real princess!


The Nursery children are enjoying looking at the Bird Box camera and seeing what is happening. Last week we made some observational drawings of the nest the blue tit had built inside the box.


Today the children were so pleased to see the mummy blue tit sitting on her eggs and keeping them nice and warm. We watched her turn her eggs and explained that this was to make sure the chicks inside grow properly.


The children made some observational drawings of the bird sitting on her eggs this afternoon. Here are some examples and we think they are fantastic!

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3


Longdown Farm Visit


Today we welcomed Farmer Ian and his animals to our secret garden. The children had so much fun! Have a look at our slideshow and see what we got up to...


Welcome Back!


We hope you all had a lovely Easter break! For the next few weeks the children will be thinking about farm animals. Farmer Ian from Longdown Dairy Farm will be visiting us next week too, bringing a range of farm animals for the children to touch and feed. How exciting! Perhaps you could visit the library with your children and see if you can find any fiction or non fiction books about animals? Or maybe you could draw a farm picture with your children? We would love to hear about things you have done or see your lovely creations!


Easter Egg Hunt


On the last day of term the children enjoyed going on an Easter egg hunt in the Nursery garden. The children helped each other to find all the eggs and then later were able to exchange their paper eggs for chocolate ones! Happy Easter everyone!


'Rescheduled' World Book Day!


Our planned World Book Day had to be postponed due to the snow, so today the children enjoyed dressing up as their favourite book characters! Can you recognise any characters? What is your favourite book? 

Perhaps you could make a visit to Shirley Library this weekend? They have a lovely selection of children's picture books and usually have free crafts for the children to enjoy!


Stay and Play


Today we welcomed lots of our families who enjoyed staying at Nursery to play with their children. Even though the weather is a little unusual for this time of year, we have started our new topic all about spring and Easter, and today the children enjoyed exploring activities related to this topic.


Thank you to all the families who were able to stay today! The children loved playing with you and showing off some of the things we do at Nursery!


Now the snow has melted I wonder if you can spot any other signs of spring? Perhaps you could point out some things when walking to and from Nursery? Happy hunting! 




Today we had an unusual surprise for March...yes snow!!! The children loved going outside to explore the look and feel of the snow! It was great fun and very white! Sadly it did not last long, but we enjoyed this unusual 'spring' weather!


Science Day


Today are children have been mini explorers... looking, touching, smelling, observing, changing, making predictions, describing and evaluating. The children love to follow their own lines of enquiry in their play on a daily basis, but today really enjoyed participating in some scientific experiments! What fun!


I wonder if you can carry out some scientific investigations of your own at home? Try mixing colours, exploring a new recipe, making some observational drawings, building models out of Lego or something else. We would love to hear about things you have done! Have a lovely weekend!




Nursery Assembly


Thank you so much to all the families who came to watch our assembly this morning. It was lovely to see so many of you! We have sent home packs with the children today; inside is a copy of the story map for the Gingerbread Man and some puppets to make so they can retell the story at home.

Here is a video of the children in action this morning...


Baking Gingerbread Men


As part of our Gingerbread Man (Talk for Writing) topic, the children baked their own Gingerbread Men. They made the dough, rolled it out and cut out a man shape. They then baked them. After they had cooled the children decorated their biscuits to bring them to life! Such good fun!



Next week we will be thinking about the traditional story of 'The Gingerbread Man'. Do your children already know this story?

This weekend perhaps you could retell the story to your children, ideally in your home language, so the children familiarise themselves with the characters and plot.

We will be exploring this story over the next few weeks and the children will learn how to retell the story using the 'Talk 4 Writing' story map and actions.

Have a lovely weekend everyone! Please remember warm coats, hats and scarves next week as it is going to be very cold!

Picture 1 "Run, run as fast as you can!"


Chinese New Year


This week the children enjoyed exploring activities around the theme of 'Chinese New Year' which started in the half term holiday. Many of our children had seen some of the celebrations in Southampton at the weekend and were very excited to find out more about this festival. We discovered that 2018 is the year of the dog! The children enjoyed exploring a range of creative activities and especially enjoyed tasting some Chinese food as part of snack time. The boys especially enjoyed the food and were keen to have second helpings!

Why do you love me so much?


On the double doors inside the Nursery we have placed some laminated hearts... Please can you take a moment to write a comment about your child and why you love them so much? We will be reading the comments out to the children as part of our topic and to celebrate how lucky we all are to have so much love in our lives!

Picture 1


Why do you love me so much?


This week we started a new topic called 'Why do you love me so much?' It is all about who is in our families, who our friends are and also thinking about how we show these people we love and care fro them. The children have loved exploring lots of activities and talking about how we are all similar and different. Tigers group loved exploring how tall they are during group time today. Have a look at our pictures below!


Tummy Time


Tummy Time is not just for babies :-) Do you know that encouraging children to draw and write when laying on their fronts can help develop their core strength which is crucial for effective writing? We give time for 'Tummy Time' drawing each week and encourage sharing of resources to help children negotiate and manage their space effectively. Have a look at the photos below... perhaps you could enjoy some 'Tummy Time' at home together!

Fruit Kebabs


We enjoyed smelling, touching and tasting the fruits that the Very Hungry Caterpillar enjoyed eating! We then cut the fruit up with help from the grown ups and pushed the fruit onto sticks to make fruit kebabs. The kebabs smelt delicious! The children all felt very hungry while waiting to eat the fruit!

January 2018


We have been so busy in Nursery since we returned from the Christmas break. The children have enjoyed exploring the Talk 4 Writing topic of 'The Very Hungry Caterpillar' and we have been amazed with how well many of them can retell the story using the story map or book. Please ask your children to share the story with you at home to help them develop their talking and story telling skills!

Picture 1
Picture 2


Christmas Stay and Play


It was so lovely to see so many parents come to play with their children. We enjoyed exploring some exciting Christmas activities together and had lots of fun. Thank you to all the parents who came! Don't forget to come to our Nursery Tableau next week! Merry Christmas!


Can we explore it?


This week we started a new topic called 'Can we explore it?' We are pretending to be explorers who enjoy going on adventures. The children are doing good looking and listening to see what they can find. We will be exploring different spaces, searching in, on, under and through, using these words to describe where we travel.


We started off the topic by taking the children on an adventure around the school grounds. At the end of our exploration it was time to set up camp and enjoy a camp fire to keep warm! The children were very excited and enjoyed talking about what they could see, hear and smell.


Perhaps you can go exploring somewhere this week with your children? Happy exploring!


‘Click Click’


Some of the children have been sharing a short story about knitting this week. Many of our children had not seen anyone knit and so as always we saw a perfect opportunity to invite in some volunteers! Luckily Mrs Stewart and Mrs Archer enjoy knitting at home, and so they came into Nursery to give the children a live demonstration. Some of the children were even able to have a little try at knitting themselves! The children could not believe that clothes and toys started as balls of wool and knitting needles! Thank you Mrs Stewart and Mrs Archer! Have a look at some of the photographs below.


Remembrance Day 2017


Today the children had some quiet time to think about Remembrance Day. We watched a short video on CBeebies which you can watch here:


We then watched Miss Myszkowski create a Remembrance scene using crosses, glittery flour and poppies, which the children enjoyed watching, and then described what they could see and how it made them feel.


Afterwards we made our own Poppy Remembrance cards to take home and share with our families.


Have a look at the photos below and talk to your children about what they can remember.

31.10.17 Bonfire Night! The Nursery children learned about fire safety at the school fire pit!


To follow on from our Diwali topic, the children will be exploring some Bonfire Night activities in the first few days after half term. We will be making and eating s'mores (marshmallows and chocolate biscuits) around a camp fire when we return on Monday 30th October! We will also consider fire safety. Please make sure your child has a warm coat with them!


Have a lovely Half Term break! We look forward to seeing you soon!


Best wishes from all of the Nursery Team :-)


Today we took part in 'Wear it Wild' day. Our children and staff dressed up as animals in return for a donation of money. All money raised will be sent to the WWF ( to raise money for endangered animals. Thank you to all our families who supported this fundraising event today!

Picture 1 Wear it Wild! Morning and all day children.
Picture 2 Wear it Wild! Afternoon children.


Today Pradeepa came in to talk to the children about Diwali. The children were very excited when they saw Pradeepa and Aadhira dressed in their special clothes. We found out all about how their family prepare for this festival and how they celebrate at home and in their Temple. The children were very excited to hear that children receive presents and sweets for Diwali! Thank you Pradeepa for coming in to Nursery today! Perhaps we will see or hear some fireworks in the sky tonight? Happy Diwali everyone!  

Picture 1 They both look so beautiful.
Picture 2 The children loved the jewellery and Bindi's.
Picture 3 Happy Diwali!


Next week we will be exploring the festival of Diwali. Have a look at the link below from the CBeebies website:


After watching the song you could talk to your children about this festival. If you celebrate it at home we would love to hear about your celebrations! Come back next week to have a look at our learning. Have a super weekend everyone!


This week we have continued to explore autumn activities in Nursery. The children have been thinking about working together and sharing to explore our three school rules of 'Ready, Respect and Safe'.


Picture 1
Talk to your children at home about our school rules. Praise their efforts when you see them putting these in action e.g. Helping to get READY for school. Looking both ways when crossing roads and staying SAFE. Saying please and thank you and showing RESPECT.
Look at this lovely example of collaborative learning...
Picture 1
The children worked together using a printing technique to creative autumnal leaves. We reused junk to make stamps. Can you guess what we used?


We are so proud of our children this week. They have been exploring autumn and harvest activities, and talking about all the autumnal changes they can see. In addition to this we have been encouraging our children to continue retelling the Brown Bear, Brown Bear story. These three boys have enjoyed retelling the story to their friends. Here they are retelling the story for you to enjoy! Good work boys!


>> Click Here for the video <<

Picture 1


Harvest Collection


Our families have been collecting food to donate to the Salvation Army's food bank. Thank you for your donations. You have all been very kind.

Picture 1

We have been learning the story of Brown Bear, Brown Bear! Using our 'Talk 4 Writing' story mapping, the children have been learning to retell the story by following the pictures.



Click on the link below to see our children retelling the Talk 4 Writing Brown Bear story!


>> Brown Bear Brown Bear <<


We love to read!

Little lambs have been enjoying sharing books and rhymes in the school library.



Welcome back! Over the last two weeks our children have been settling into their routines and welcoming new friends who started this week.


This week Little Lambs Nursery have been thinking about the rhyme 'Twinkle Twinkle Little Star' and have enjoyed exploring lots of fun and exciting activities. The children loved making rainbow bread and made lots of mess making stars with shaving foam.


Nursery have been thinking about colours this week. We have enjoyed exploring colour and colour mixing activities throughout the week. A highlight was making rainbows with skittles sweets! This theme will continue next week when we begin to learn our 'Talk 4 writing' story 'Brown Bear, Brown Bear'. Please come back next Friday when we will share the story with you!


Have a lovely weekend! See you next week!


Best wishes from Nina Myszkowski and the Early Years Team