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Karate and all school clubs have now finished for the term - As the weather is changeable at the moment, please ensure your children attend school with a coat and appropriate footwear for the conditions. Many thanks.
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Stay and Play


Today we had a 'Stay and Play' session, where families were invited to come and play with their children. We all had a lovely time! Have a look at the photographs to see what we got up to!


Marvellous Mark Making


The children loved having some 'Tummy Time' today! We shared large pieces of paper and laid on our tummies while drawing lots of shapes and pictures. This is a really good way of developing the children's gross and fine motor skills, which are vital skills needed for writing. Perhaps it is something you would like to try at home :-)



When Cyril went to Kai's house!


At the weekend Cyril chose to visit Kai's house for another reading adventure! He had so much fun! Not only did they read lots of books together but Cyril also took part in a video call to Kai's relatives in Australia and they even went to Peppa Pig World! Kai's Auntie, Miss Jewel even came to visit to share some books with Cyril and Kai. Wow what a busy weekend! Thank you for looking after Cyril so well!


Learning through play


The children have been so busy this week. Every rich play activity opens up opportunities for learning which is wonderful to support. The children have enjoyed exploring shape and colour activities with their friends this week, as well as learning the skills they need to listen attentively to others. What a busy week we have had!

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When Cyril went to Elijah's house


Cyril was so excited about going to stay with Elijah! Elijah told us that he has lots of books at home and Cyril couldn't wait to see them. Elijah was very excited to tell us all about their adventures. Cyril loved his stay and enjoyed listening to lots of stories! Thank you for looking after Cyril so well Elijah! 


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Our Nursery Reading Tree


Have you seen the 'Reading Tree' on the Nursery doors? Each child has a named leaf. We would like you to use the dry wipe pens to write the name of a book you have shared with your child each week.


Take some time to look at some of the titles... maybe we could inspire each other to share books your children have enjoyed? Remember it is free to borrow books at the local libraries and you can even order books you are interested in!


We hope you will support us by updating your child's leaf regularly. Remember 'Children are made readers on the laps of their parents'. Please also have a look for photos of Cyril around the environment... he likes to share his favourite books and Nursery rhymes.

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When Cyril went to Esmie's House!


Every Friday Cyril chooses a child to go home with. All we ask is that he is read to every day with the family he has chosen and well loved. Cyril is then returned on Monday to tell us about his reading adventures!


This week Cyril chose to go to Esmie's house! All the children were very excited, as was Cyril! On Monday Esmie brought Cyril back with her favourite book 'More Ketchup please!' which was read to the class. Everyone thought the story was very funny! We all enjoyed looking at the photographs and finding out about his adventures!


Thank you to Esmie's family for looking after Cyril and making sure he had lots of fun reading! I wonder who he will choose this week?

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Introducing Cyril the Squirrel! See the poster below to find out all about our class pet who helps us to develop a love of reading!

It's a new school year! Welcome to our Nursery Class page!