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Year 6 Recommended Reading List August 2020

Year 6 Fiction Reading List (updated August 2020)


Attached is a list of fiction that I have compiled over the past seven years that many previous Year 6 pupils and I have enjoyed and will hopefully help current Year 6 pupils to develop a love of reading. Reading for pleasure is one of the most important factors in determining a child’s success at school and your child should be encouraged to read – and be read to (there is no reason to stop reading aloud with your child at this age, in fact, it can support them to become better readers quicker and to develop their love of reading) – for at least 20 minutes at home every day.


The benefits of reading for pleasure are significant, not only on a child’s academic success but also their wellbeing. Among many, many other benefits, research has shown that:


  • Reading for pleasure is more important to a child’s academic success than socio-economic status.


  • The impact of reading for pleasure on progress in vocabulary, maths and spelling with 10-16 year olds is 4 time greater than if their parent has a degree


  • Children who read for pleasure daily or nearly every day are up to two years ahead in reading performance versus those who never do by the time they finish primary school.


  • If all Key Stage 2 children read for pleasure daily, 75% of them would reach the level at the end of primary school that predicts 5 or more passes at GCSE – an increase of 8% 3 or 112,000 children in 2017.


In short, reading is the key to academic success.


When you speak to the Year 6 team this year, you will hear us time and again discussing the importance of reading. I know it can be difficult to find the time, and there are many distractions, but put simply, if you want your child to reach their potential at school, they should be reading every day.


This list of fiction contains a wide range of books, sorted loosely into genres for ease of reference and to address the reading interests and abilities of a range of children. The list contains a wide range of texts, some of which contain more mature themes, and so I recommend you check the blurbs before borrowing or buying anything to make sure you’re comfortable with what your child will be reading.


I have put this list together, with the help of lots of other people and Year 6 pupils, because of the importance reading plays in the success of pupils in school and I hope that it is a useful tool for you and your child to use throughout the year; however, there is no replacement for immersing yourself in a world of books. The best way to find new books is to put your child in a room full of new books. West Quay’s Waterstones has a wonderful, huge selection of books on its lower floor and libraries are a brilliant way of sharing and changing books regularly.  


Mr Seymour