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POLITE reminders - Year 5 assembly has been postponed this week due to staff absence- apologies. ................The last INSET day for this academic year is - 20th July 2020....... please do not park on the zig zag lines, you put your/our children at risk when you do this...........We are continuing our name and shame campaign, 'zig-zag' parkers registration numbers will be shown on this scrolling banner; we need to keep the children safe............thanks for your support in advance...........The following have put our children at risk this week......
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Year 6 Class Page

We are very excited to welcome the new Year 6 class back after summer for what is always a very special, challenging and memorable year.


Autumn Term Learning

This term, our topic is Ancient Greeks. We will be learning how the founders of democracy influenced our modern world, reading and writing myths, studying the architecture of the time and learning about the Gods, heroes and monsters of Ancient Greece. Alongside this, we will be reading the novel Holes and using it to explore the values of tolerance, respect and responsibility. 



In maths, we will be studying the number system to 10,000,000, exploring the order of operations and learning the written method of long division among many other topics, while in science we will be studying Living Things and Their Habitats, exploring how scientists classify animals, plants and micro-organisms based on their characteristics.  


Key Information

Homework this year will be given twice a week, continuing the use of CGP books, on Tuesday (due Friday) and Friday (due the following Tuesday).


Times Tables Rock Stars homework will be given on Friday, due to be completed the following Friday, with all pupils spending 20 minutes a week using the online element of TTRS. 


Finally, spellings this year will be learnt using an online app called Spelling Frame. Pupils will be able to login from home or school and practise the spelling rules which they learning in class each week. This interactive approach to practising spelling has built-in teaching elements which will support pupils in learning their spellings more effectively. Spellings will be tested on Fridays.


We will update this page soon with more information about assemblies, parent workshops and what the children have been learning during their first few weeks in Year 6. 




If you have any questions about the year ahead, please do speak to Mr Seymour. 


The Year 6 team