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POLITE reminders - A reminder that school is closed on the 20.01 for an INSET day. ................INSET days for this academic year are - 20th January 2020 and 20th July 2020....... please do not park on the zig zag lines, you put your/our children at risk when you do this...........We are continuing our name and shame campaign, 'zig-zag' parkers registration numbers will be shown on this scrolling banner; we need to keep the children safe............thanks for your support in advance...........The following have put our children at risk this week......Silver range Rover PY13 OZM.................Blue Ford MF10 GXV
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Year 5




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This term, our topic is Ancient Egypt. Please look at our medium term plan to see what we will be learning.

Our Topic This Half Term is ……
Time Traveller
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Homework 15/11/19
TTRS x 20 For Friday
Spelling Frame- Year 5/6- Rule 37- Your test will be on Wednesday
GPS- P.12- For Tuesday
Maths- Turquoise Book- P.59- Long Multiplication – For Tuesday


Maths- Turquoise book- P.58- Pick set A,B or C- For Friday 


Year 5 have had a great first week back. They have been busy writing paragraphs in the style of horror, learning about long multiplication and they have even managed to fit in a workshop all about electricity. 



Homework for next week

TTRS x 20 for Friday


Spelling Frame -  Year 5 – Rule 44- The test will be on Wednesday


GPS -P.4 Nouns- For Tuesday


White Maths P.6 Negative Numbers- For Tuesday

Welcome back!


Our topic this half term is Time Traveller. We will be looking at Southampton's history as well as developing our art, French and computing skills. Please look at our medium term plan, which is at the bottom of the page, for more detail. 



The children will be tested on their spellings from over term tomorrow. 

Spelling Homework-

  1. Accommodate
  2. Accompany
  3. According
  4. Achieve
  5. Aggressive
  6. Amateur
  7. Ancient
  8. Apparent
  9. Appreciate
  10. Attached
  11. Available
  12. Average
  13. Awkward
  14. Bargain
  15. Bruise
  16. Category
  17. Cemetery
  18. Committee
  19. Communicate
  20. Community

Welcome Back!

This half term, our topic is  all about Space.






Homework Tuesday 22nd October 2019 


Turquoise Maths Book - P.7-8 (Negative Numbers) Pick either Set A, B or C 

 For Friday the 25th of October. 



Don't forget, TTRS for Friday. 

Homework 18th October 2019

For Tuesday the 22nd October :

White Maths P.7 – P.8

Reading- P.12-13  



TTRS x 20 for Friday

Spelling Frame- Rule 13 and 14

Your test will be on Wednesday



Turquoise maths – P.22- Mental Addition pick either a, b or c - Due on Tuesday the 15th of October 


GPS- P.58- Plural apostrophes- Due on Tuesday the 15th of October 


TTRS x 20 for Friday


Spelling Frame Rule- Rule 11 and Rule 12 (ous) – You will be tested on Wednesday


Year 5 Homework - Due Friday the 11th of October


Year 5- White Maths CGP book P.12 and 13. 


Also, don't forget about TTRS. 



Year 5 Homework- Set on the 4th of October 2019 

TTRS for

Friday the 11th of October

Spelling frame 

Rule 19 for Wednesday the 9th of October 2019



 Due on Tuesday the 8th of October

 Turquoise Maths Book Page 2 Place Value- Select set A,B or C


Due on Tuesday the 8th of October

Page 57 – Apostrophes

Homework- 1st October 2019 


Homework for Friday the 4th of October.


Maths: White Maths Book- Page 10- Rounding 

Homework- 27th September 2019  

TTRS x20 - Due on Friday the 4th of October. 

Spelling Frame- Year 3/4 Rule 15/16- Spelling Test on Wednesday 2nd October. 


Turquoise Maths book – Rounding- Pg 10. Pick 1 set to complete- Due on Tuesday the 1st of October. 

GPS Pg56 Apostrophes for contractions.- Due on Tuesday the 1st of October. 

Year 5 Homework- 20/9/19 

This week, the pupils need to complete 20 games of TTRS for Friday the 27th of September 


Spelling Frame: 

Year 4 - Spelling rule 14 Year 4- Spelling rule 15

Additional spellings: physical     individual

The spelling test will be on Wednesday the 25th September 2019 

Friday 13th September 2019


TTRS x 20 for Friday

Spelling-  Your Test will be on Wednesday 18th September

Select the desired year group from the orange text and then ‘View Words’ for the desired spelling rule.


Games can be accessed in the same way using ‘Play’ but pupils must be logged in to their individual account.

 This week, you need to practise: Year 4- Spelling Rule 4 - More prefixes 

Additional Spellings to practise: sufficient   thorough    variety   dictionary

Week 1


Welcome back to all pupils from the entire Year 5 team.


The pupils made an excellent start to the year on Wednesday the 4th July. They have already started to explore the planets in our solar system, place value and have even begun reading our class book for this half term, which is called The Jamie Drake Equation.


We will keep our website updated with what the pupils are learning and any additional information. Please do come and talk to any member of the Year 5 team if you have any questions.

Year 5 Reading List

Autumn 2 Medium Term Plan

Autumn 1 Medium Term Plan