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Next years INSET days - 2nd September 2019, 3rd September 2019, 13th December 2019, 20th July 2020 --- Have a great summer everyone and looking forward to seeing you all back in September!
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Year 5

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Pinned: Homework & Spellings (SUMMER 1)

For easy access, I have pinned spellings and homework at the top of the notices feed.

Mr Whittle




This is an example of how a shape has been translated across a mirror line. If folded, the shapes would line up/touch exactly with no overlap. Below, you can see that the red shape has not been translated accurately. The star on the left is set 3 squares from the mirror line whereas the star on the right is set directly on the mirror line. Therefore, they would not overlap exactly.




The children have been using a new spelling application in some of their GPS lessons. The games-based software is free to access and provides a range of strategies to support spelling. Take a look using the link above.



The children have been working on newspapers in response to their previous reading book, 'The Breadwinner'. We are nearly at the publishing stage and very soon your child will bring home their published newspaper to share with you. 


Measuring Angles using a Protractor

Protractor, Angle, Geometry, Instrument

Finding angles by measuring can be tricky, particularly if you are using a protractor for the first time. It's important to be accurate and precise when measuring - this video helps reinforce good angle measuring habits.


New Topic - Allotment

grow whole foods GIF by CBeebies HQ


New Topic - The Tudors


Egyptian Visit

Children have received a letter about an Ancient Egyptian visit.If you have any questions, please come and ask. If you have misplaced the letter, let me know and I will be happy to give you another copy.

Mr Whittle


Curriculum update

Maths: We are currently learning a new method, which allows us to multiply 2 and 3-digit numbers by another 2-digit number. This method is called long multiplication.

Below, is a link to a video, which explains the method.

Video Link

Reading: We are currently working on 'explanation' to support our written answers when we predict what will happen next. When writing an explanation, it is crucial to use the evidence and explain how it backs up your point.


Prediction/Point: I think Hannah will win the race.

Evidence: because in the text it says 'She had been training for weeks'

Explanation: the evidence infers that Hannah is in good shape and she is well prepared for the race. Therefore, there is a strong chance she will win the race.


Writing: In writing, we will be publishing our letters to local companies, trying to persuade them to reduce the amount of plastic they use. We have also begun writing a 'Tale of Fear'


Parent Workshop - Monday 5th (9.00-9.50)

Thank you to the parents who attended the workshop this morning.

I have attached the set of resources from today's session for those who were unable to attend


Parent Workshop - Monday 5th (9.00-9.50)

The upcoming parent workshop will be focused on writing. During the session, we will cover the following points:

  • Look at and discuss a piece of writing (Y5/ Y6 standard)
  • How to: Use a range of subordinate conjunctions/clauses
  • How to: Use relative clauses (added and embedded)
  • How to: Use commas to clarify meaning

New homework overview

Children received a new homework overview for the half term today. You can also find the overview online here.

In Year 5, we will always mark homework together on a Monday afternoon. It's great that so many children have got into a routine of packing homework into their school bags on a Sunday ready for Monday. Sadly due to limited time, homework will only be marked on a Monday so please do not forget no


Persuasive writing topic

The children have been very successful in planning their persuasive letters today. This piece of writing, which is their 'Hot Write', allows the children to write to a range of companies/key people to encourage them to do more to reduce the amount of plastic used. The children showed passion and genuine consideration for the world around them as we looked at the devastation plastic can cause in the world's oceans.


Half term homework

We are now into half term week. Thank you children for all your hard work and effort during the last 7 weeks. I know that you are seeing your hard work pay off. After half term, our new topic will be the Ancient Egyptians!


During the half term break, there are 4 homework activities to complete across the CGP books. Check the last row on the overview for more details.


Click here to download the overview


Maths update

We are currently looking at number patterns in maths. This involves looking for how numbers have changed, focusing heavily on place value and being aware of how renaming impacts when a place value column goes above 9.


In this example, the thousands column is increasing but this impacts the ten thousands column too. What is being added to the number each time?

219,437 227,437 235,437 243,437

Class Assembly

Thank you to everyone who attended our first class assembly of the year and a huge well done to Year 5 who performed, read and acted with such confidence despite only rehearsing for 30 minutes.

I am very proud of you all,

Mr W =)


CGP Homework

The CGP books have been distributed to the children. An overview for the homework (to be completed this half term) was also provided.

If your children is missing any books or has duplicates of any books, please speak to me in the morning or after school.

Click here to download the overview


Mr Whittle



All children should have collected their spelling overview for this half term today. They are also available on this page (see links above).


REMINDERS - The week ahead...

Monday: Your child needs to have their portrait baby photograph for the art project in school. We will be using these on Monday afternoon in Art.

Tuesday: Drop in to see your child's work so far this year and chat to me about any questions you may have, from 3.30-4.30 after school.

Thursday: The children are 'taking control' of their class assembly. They'll be planning the entire assembly ready to show off their work so far in Year 5. This starts at 2.45pm in the hall.



The children have been reading the text: Time Travelling with My Hamster

Within our lessons, children have had to:

Summarise what they have read, remembering to focus on the key events/main poins

Ask questions and discuss questions to improve their understanding of the reading

Develop an understanding of new vocabulary. Ask you child if they can remember the meaning of:

* Crepuscular

* Patronise

* Crestfallen

* No guarentee



The children have been learning about flashback narratives

Within our lessons, children have had to:

Learn our key text 'My memories'

Develop an understanding of new high-level vocabulary

Write a monologue about memories, applying new vocabulry within their writing.



The children have been learning about place value in numbers up to 1,000,000

Within our lessons, children have had to:

State the value of digits in various place value columns

Name the place value columns (up to hundred thousands)

Compare numbers using their understanding of place value

10.9.18 For our 'Then and Now' art project, the children require a portrait photograph of themselves as a baby or toddler. We our focusing on drawing facial features accurately and therefore a close up photo will be most beneficial. Please have these in school for Monday (17th September). We can take photocopies if you wish for the photos to be returned home on the same day. Thank you
10.9.18 Polite reminder: Our PE days are Wednesday and Friday in Year 5.
10.9.18 New CGP homework books have arrived! Guidance and the books themselves will be distrubuted to the children in the near future. In the meantime, reading at home, for a minimum duration of 10 minutes a day, is a fantastic way to progress in our new whole-school reading challenge.
10.9.18 Welcome to the new Year 5 Class. Please watch this space for new content about we're getting up to and what can be done to support your child's learning at home.