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Year R open day for prospective parents is on Tuesday 1st November. Please phone the Academy to book a visit....................... Please keep checking your Marvellous me and parentmails for updates on the current covid issues we are experiencing at the academy.
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Monday 28th February


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Our Reading  Spine this half term focuses on: Science: The Human Body


We will be reading:


Pig Heart Boy



You're thirteen. All you want is a normal life. But most normal kids don't need heart transplants. So there's this doctor. He says there's a chance for you. But he also says it's experimental, controversial and risky. And it's never been done before. Shortlisted for the Carnegie Medal, this is a powerful, thought-provoking story from the award-winning Malorie Blackman.



Professor Astro Cat – Human Body Odyssey

I Am Not a Label



The Caged Bird

2.11.21Our Reading  Spine this half term focuses on: World War 1 


We will be reading:


Private Peaceful




Heroism or cowardice? A stunning story of the First World War from a master storyteller.

Told in the voice of a young soldier, the story follows 24 hours in his life at the front during WW1, and captures his memories as he looks back over his life. Full of stunningly researched detail and engrossing atmosphere, the book leads to a dramatic and moving conclusion. Both a love story and a deeply moving account of the horrors of the First World War, this book will reach everyone from 9 to 90.


Non-Fiction: The Story of the First World War


Poem: In Flanders Fields


Our next topic year is 'Fallen Fields'


Known as 'the war to end all wars' the First World War was a conflict that had a devastating effect on millions of people across the world. What started this global tragedy? What was life like for families on the home front as they waited for news of loved ones who were 'missing in action'? How did the soldiers endure the terrible conditions in the trenches? How was a fragile peace finally achieved?

6.9.21Our Reading  Spine this half term focuses on: Activism, Courage and Rights


We will be reading:


The Breadwinner



Afghanistan: Parvana's father is arrested and taken away by Taliban soldiers. Under Taliban law, women and girls are not allowed to leave the house on their own.

Parvana, her mother, and sisters are prisoners in their own home. With no man to go out to buy food, they face starvation.

So Parvana must pretend to be a boy to save her family. It is a dangerous plan, but their only chance. In fear, she goes out - and witnesses the horror of landmines, the brutality of the Taliban, and the desperation of a country trying to survive. But even in despair lies hope . . .

Non Fiction: Speak Up


Poetry: For Kabul 



Our first topic this year is 'Stargazers'



We will be developing the children’s knowledge of the Solar System. This Year 5 project focuses on the Moon, planets and significant individuals including Galileo and Newton.