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Year 4 Blog

Welcome to our blog page where we can share with you all the wonderful things we have done!

You can find a permanent link to this set up with the children at 


Not everyone was able to type up their Fishbourne Roman Villa work due to current circumstances, so I have copied the ones which have been typed and others that are partially done I have included some of their sections. I have not edited this work in any other way, we hope you enjoy it! 


Mrs Bullingham and Mrs Ealey

Aggie has been keeping herself busy practising her map drawing skills and following Kieran Larwood's tutorial on YouTube! She's really thought creatively about how to age the map - Kieran loved it too! 


Oh my goodness! What amazing writing from Melina! It is clear how much thought and care went into this and I am so proud of how well you edited your ideas in your redraft - fantastic job!






Today we got a lovely update from Ruby, Millie and Charlotte! We are so pleased to hear you're doing well and thank you for sending us your amazing writing! 


The girls have been busy baking, making rainbows that you can spot on a nice walk and filling a jar with dreams! 


I really LOVE the jar idea and have started one myself to fill with all the things I want to do but can't at the moment. That means that when everything is back to normal I'll be able to choose something special from the jar and do that! 





Week 1 - Closure


What an incredibly different week it has been! I hope you've all kept busy and active in this time and been able to have some time to be creative (alongside your work). I've been thoroughly enjoying watching the Facebook uploads by the school and am so pleased to see how many of you have been enjoying them too! 


I was in school on the first day with Mr Jolly and we had a great time painting handprint animals (you should DEFINITELY have a go at this), making friendship bracelets, reading, cooking pizza and playing on the go karts! We also did the Joe Wicks exercise - it was hard!!!


When I wasn't in school I've been spending a lot of time looking at your work, trying to come up with interesting things to challenge you with at home and doing SO much baking. I tried to bake cheese straws in the shape of an Anglo-Saxon hut to show a creative example of your history project ....... it didn't work tough - I'll keep trying! 


Hope you're all well! 


Both myself and Mrs Ealey are definitely missing your faces! 



In the spirit of our community I would like to share with you Year 4's Holocaust Memorial Day poster from back in January...


Examples of our Blog work:



                                       My Fishbourne Roman Palace experience

Last Friday, me and my classmates took a little trip to Fishbourne Roman Palace. But before we got there, of course, we had to take the coach. The coach was so awesome as it had blue lights and curtains! Once we were on, I felt fine but once it had been a few minutes, like half an hour, I kind of felt sick… But I was fine.

Once we got there, we hopped off the bus and we dropped of our bags and went to the toilet. Once we had done all the important things, we were lead by a nice lady. I cant quite remember her name, but nobody will tell her its fine. As I forgot her name, I’m just going to call her Holly. She took us into a room and we saw some armour. Some very lucky people were able to put on the armour. When that was done, we were given some fake armour but honestly, I didn’t care that it was fake. We walked outside only to see a man named Centurion. I’m not sure if he’s always angry although his face shows it all. We charged into the teacher and shouted at Centurion “YES CENTURION!!” if not, we would be fed to the lions, although that’s what he said he’d do. Obviously, that was a lie.

After we fought against the Centurion, we were tasting some food, not very nice food. There were olives, carrots, cheese and my favourite part, bread. I didn’t like all of the other food and the olives I didn’t try. I didn’t want to feel sick for the second time a day so I just passed on them. Oh, and before all of that, I got to grind something and make flour!

Afterwards, we went in a cabin and there were loads of games in there. I did something called mosaics and they were so cool! I also learned my Latin name. Sadly, I forgot it, but that’s fine. After, there was an emperor. His name was Emperor.B! We got a coin from him too!

Sadly, it was time for us to go so we got back on the coach. By the time we got there, it was hometime!


After 25 years of the naggy Centurion, we were introduced to … ROMAN FOOD!!! I took one single bite into the neatly created bread and I started to wonder how the heck the Romans made food with this much quality. The white wine vinegar olives great but not as perfect as the soft bread. I don’t even want to go into detail about the toxic carrots with vinegar and Indian seeds and the dried apples. All in all the food was fabulous.


After a while, we went to do some rather tricky Roman activities! Before I get into this part of my blog want to  ask you a quick snappy question. Would you be able to do the activities? My favourite activitie was the building a bridge without support! Finally, we got to write our names in the Roman alphabet. To finish the perfect day off, we were given 1 Dennarii each from Emperor  B. I hope I will be writing again soon. See you soon!


An extract of Filip C's post


We had a drill. We tried on helmets , shield and swords it was really fun. The foolish empror was a man and he was really mad. When we got outside it was cold and he was talking in latten. We had to line up in rose of four. As soon as we lernt some latten we started to attack our teachers one of my friends fell one of them lost their shoe. Then we went inside again and the lady said if we had a very nice day. After that we went to see the mosaics and after we looked at the beutiful mosaics we went back to the couch and driven back to school.


                                                   Fishborn Roman Palace Blog                                                       


You won’t believe what a great time I had last week! I rushed to school to find everyone waiting for the teachers to take us to the mini bus. Eventually, we quickly set off. The mini bus ride was so lengthengly that some people started to feel sick! Fortunately, I had a lot of backup. I’ve decided artist is not the job for me since Aggie said I’m crazy and Lena said that the scribbling on my backup piece of paper was not a master piece. Soon, we had a hint from a sign that we were there….. Fishborn Roman Palace!!! Next, we went to a room that taught us about a Romans every day life. Before we came in, the sun was piercing through our coats and rocks were crumbling beneath our feet, so we were relieved for the heat to melt away in the shade and the clicking to terminate. There were various options of activities to do. Half of the room was blanketed with many tables and chairs where activities were laid out to do. The other half had a special costume that we’ll get on to later. The activities were, building a bridge, sending messages with arrows, creating a mosaic, writing your name in Roman on a wax tablet and finally signing up to the army for 25 years!  



                                                             Fishbourne Roman Palace Blog                                                                                                   Last Friday,my class and I went on a trip to Fishbourne Roman Palace we were set into groups when going to Fishbourne.First,we drove on a coach to get there it was so dull! that I fell asleep when we arrived we went with this generous lady she told us we were going to become soldiers.I got so exited more than ever but when we got to start it wasn’t the worst but not the best our Centurion was very grumpy and strict he looked very serious and didn’t even smile.I giggled a bit because the way he talked was funky but when he told us why he was holding a long,gloomy stick and what he would do with the stick to us I smirked.But although he was extremely rude! I still had fun we charged and marched we even got to learn the latin words for sword,shield and aurmor.

Afterwards,the lady showed us the Roman kitchen others got to try a few things from the kitchen  like grinding stones and more! the lady told us that we were now going to do some food tasting.Firstly,we tried bread and cheese it tasted delicious at first I thought it was going to taste okay but when I actually got to try some my feelings lit up!

Next,we tried olives I could smell the oil up my nostrils,As soon as I took a bite out of it the taste was gross! It tasted appaulinglly awful.

After,trying olives we tried carrots dipped in vinegar it was better than the olives but still not nice to eat.

And Finally,we got to try dried apples it wasn’t sweet or didn’t look good to eat but I bet it was a treat for the soldiers.As soon as I tried to take a bite out of it I couldn’t bit it off properly it tasted fine but not how I expected.

Finally after,everything we got to look around the museum and try some Roman activities firstly we listened to this young and sweet lady about how it was in the past times after listening to the lady we went to do some activities.                 

Zuzanna B

An extract of Oliver's post


You wont belive me what happened this morning. I went to school and we were getting redy to see fishbourn roman palace. It was an hour but it was fun. When we got their it looked amazing we first got to play with some roman toys it was fun we got to write our names in roman. It took a long time to write our names we have to train for 25 years. It will be boring I know that for a fact. I will hate it. We got to hold a sword and a shield we had a centurion in our school and we all asked him questions. He was very cool he had lions as his pet he cought. It was absilotly crazy I don’t know why he got a lion as his pet no body knows why.

On Friday 06th of March 2020 we had our trip to Fishbourne Roman Villa. I was really excited but a bit nervous. It was 09:15 when we got on the coach at first me and my friends were playing games but then I just got bored and fell asleep.

We finally arrived! First what we did was wash our hands. Then we (teachers)put the lunchboxes away in a special cabinet. As our first activity we got some weapons what Romans would use to fight with their enemy. After that we were taught by a “real” centurion how to be fight in the army (he was horrible). By the way he was a bit to serious but I found him really funny, I found him really funny. Me and my friend were laughing so hard behind the shield.

Secondly, we tasted Roman food I was really excited until I tasted the food! We first tried the Roman bread with cheese I only had the bread I didn’t really fancy the cheese but I loved the bread it was amazing. Then we had the olives they were disgusting. Soon after, we had carrots with olive oil and herbs I took one bite and as touched my tongue I straight away thrown it in the bin. Lastly, we had dead pineapple or apple I can’t remember but it tasted horribly. I do not know how they ate these things the only thing I know how they ate was the bread that was the best! At the end of that activity we were able to choose one of our favourite food and obviously chose the bread but the boys took all the bread no fair! 

After lunch

For our last activity we went to Military experience building were we did lots of activities.  It’s basically a workshop were we did mosaics, wrote our names in Latin my name was really easy to spell.


A Section of Filip S's Blog post


When we arrived, we had to wash our hands. Group 2 did the activities first and I was in that group. First, we asked some questions and the activities were explained. The activities were sending messages, writing our names to sign up for the military, built bridges and we did the mosaics. Before we wrote our names we had to practice on a wax tablet. I did the message sending first, rest of the time I built bridges with my friends. Before we were told to sit on the carpet I quickly wrote my name to sign up for the military. After that, we sat on the carpet to pick the emperor, luckily I was picked to be the emperor. When we were leaving the soldier holding the wrapped cloth around me left when I had to take the clothes of so I had technical difficulties.

Last week I went on an amazing trip to Fishbourne Roman Palace . First we had to go on a really long and boring coach ride. After a while we arrived at Fishbourne Roman Palace. I felt exited because I’ve never been to a Roman Palace before.

When we got out of the hot coach it was pretty empty and quite quiet. The first activity we did was a fun military Experience. I was exited because we got to learn about a Roman Emperor who lived in the massive ,ancient palace in Fishbourne. The first activity I did in the Miltary Experience was I wrote my name in Roman letters in soft, sticky wax. After I wrote my name in wax I did it again in but in Ink . I thought the writing was neat in the Ink but not so muck in the wax. Next I tried to make a puzzle out of smooth stones but it didn’t really work. After a while of solving puzzles I played a  game with plastic knuckle bones. Luckily I won the game. Soon after that the Military drill was over. On are way out we all got real Roman money. I was lucky because the money was from two thousand years ago. Before long it was lunch time. We got to go to lunch early. While I was eating my lunch I looked out the window to find horses outside on the grass. Sadly we couldn’t go outside and see them


After lunch it was time for are second activity. It was food taisting I was quite full because we’d just had lunch but I like food so I could eat some more. We had to eat bread and cheese,olives,carrots and dried apple. I tried all of them. The bread and cheese were delicious but the olives were  discusting and sour. I don’t like olives but the fact they had vinegar on made them made them even more discusting. I felt like I was going to be sick.The carrots were gross and the apples were chewy. Once we tried all of the discusting but yummy food we got to try the food again. I chose to eat the bread and cheese again because it was so yummy.


Finally are last activity was the military drill but before we did the drill we got to learn about what the Romans wore in a battle. And some of us got to try on Roman armor they got to try on a heavy shield ,pointy spear and metal armor. The armor looked heavy but people made it look like it was light. Suddenly we had to go outside. It was really sunny. We saw a grumpy man. He looked like a nervous because he was shouting at us loudly. We all had to shout “YES CENTUIOUN” and had to bang are spear on are shield and it made a horrible noise. The the man  was as loud as a lion.Then we had to turn around and charge as fast as a cheeter. Before we left we went into the old palace to look at the beautiful moseucs. They were stunning. Some were huge moseucs there was a dead body. It wasn’t that nice to see a sceliton buried in the ground. After all of that we sadly had to go back and had go on the hot coach and go back to school.



An extract of Sienna's post

On Friday last week we finally arrived at Fishbourne Roman Palace! We got off the bus and went to wash our hands. After we done that we went to put our things away and went to our first activity! The first thing we done was that we got to do roman activities and things. The person who was teaching us chose somebody to be the emperor and in our group it was Filip S and in the other group it was Beau. Afterwards we could build bridges, make roofs, make messages to the other person and more! We even got to write our names in roman letters! When it was the end of the activity we got to keep real roman coins! I knew the word for roman coins and it was denari. They didn’t even tell us but I knew from the Horrible Historys Movie Rotten Romans. After all  of that fun we got to have lunch.

Last Friday was exiting. We went on a trip. So we were on the coach and it took forever because we got into a traffic jam .After the long journey we went off the coach and had to wait so everything could be set up. Then we put our bags away .We finally did our first activity .There was loads of activities to choose from so I did the mosaics then signing up to the army and writing messages with flags. Then it was lunch .I got to sit next to my friends. We did the film next. It was about fishborne roman palace. It was so interesting to watch but a bit boring. Next was the food tasting. I only liked the bread. And Callum was nearly sick because he ate the cheese. There was Olives,Carrots,bread and cheese. The olives smelt disgusting and so did the cheese. But the best part of my day is when we got to wear armour and a centurion in a loud voice YES CENTURION and everyone laughed.   Everytime they ran  he would say they were pathetic .We went back in to put our armour away and sat down to roll our belt so we could go onto our next job ..the next job was to look at the mosaics .We went past one with a real skeleton in all the ruins. They were so old they were like 1000 years old. We went outside so we can meet the coach to get back to school. It was like an adventure so I hope I do more trips. We hopped on the coach to get back to school. When we got to school the teachers were handing our singing up to the army papers. We washed out hands said the prayer .But hey at least it was fun while it lasted.


Last Friday, I went to Fishbourne Roman Villa. It was a very vast and spacious place to be. At  school are topic in year4 is Romans . So it was a nice experience for us all.

First, we talked about emperor claudias and his riches. The nice, gentle, kind hearted lady chose a child dress up as an Emperor which I have to admit was hilarious! Also, we did fun activities like writing are name in wax, writing my signature on a piece of paper and then I got to play some roman board games and make a collage with stones !  then, we went to lunch and I had a sandwich , some fruit, a yoghurt and a chocolate bar.

Then, another lady took us to a room with samples of food on the massive table . there was bread with cheese, olives, carrots and dried apple. I liked the bread the most . I disliked the carrots and olives . my friend olive loves olives though. It was a fun experience and I learnt a lot about what the romans ate .

After that, we did a milartry  experience . we looked  at roman armour and we even got to try it the sun was out, we went outside and a centurian shouted commands at us in latin wich wasn’t very fun. He  was very  strict and I was very glad he wasn’t real .it was quite embarrassing though.

As I got back onto the coach I didn’t want to leave because there was so much more to learn.even though I was leaving, it was just the beginning of a new adventure.



Last Friday ,we went on a boring coach it was as boring as a sloth to Fishbourne Roman Palace. When we got there we had to wash our hands and then line up.

Afterwards, we split up into groups and my group were sent to the Military Drill where we were shown what romans use to weir in tough battles, After that, we were given a wooden sword, shield  and  helmet and we went outside to practise being a warrior. Sadly, my rock hard helmet didn’t fit.

Silently, we were sent to go wash our hands, there was a long line. Afterwards, we were shown how to grind food in the roman days, it was very intresting. Then we did food tasting were we got to try what romans use to eat, I liked the brown bread, the soft cheese but I didn’t like the rest of the food

Finally, we went to roman Activities were we did writing, message sending ,mosaics and building. It was so fun they had wax tablets where we got to practise our names, the wax tablets were like scrapping through mud .Then we washed our hands and went back to school.

Ruby D

An extract of Liwia's post

                                                                     Military Drill

On Friday 6 of March I went to the Fishbourne Roman Villa. I went on a double decker and enormous Coach , it took really long but it was worth it at the end. After a while we got of the Couch and put our lunch boxes with yummy food away. We all got split up and came in different rooms. We made a promise that we are in the army for 25 years! Then we saw some real gear and there was a huge roman sheled that was as tall as me . even a dangerous dager and a huge, catuna, we even got to see roman armour, with a special helmat. All of us got to wear gear and a sord! We then learned some roman words in the military drill. Then we charched at our teachers and made them scard we cald him centurion!

Last Friday,  I went on a trip to Fishbourne  Roman palace .We went on a gigantic coach  a whole yeargroup. Firstly , we went on are military drill and we were led by a very livid centurian . We marched along the grass and the centurian was getting more and more furious with us .  I had b      butterflies in my stomach and we stomped and we made lots of noise .                 

Next, we tasted Roman foods  and there were different types of foods and most of the them were covered with vinegar .We used cocktail sticks to pick the snacks up and the bread tasted mouthwatering but the rest of the food tasted disgusting .

 Afterwards, we had lunch in a very small room . Eventually, we went into the activity centre and there were lots of jobs we could do .The first job was that you could send messages to each other from far away. My favourite job was when we were able to write our names on wax tablets and we wrote them with ink in Latin . After a while , we got altogether and B got to dress up as an emperor and we got roman coins .

Soon , it was time to go back to school.


On Friday I went to Fishbourn roman palice . We saw lots of old things and we got to  do some activities .

First we went into one of the the two buildings . We met a very nice  lady who told us about the roman army  .S he  told  us some of the things that we could do . I decided to do building and I identified some old things .After we play,d , she brout us to a mat and picked one of us to be the king . We had to bow to the king and if we did he would give us real roman money then we left .                                                                                                              

Next we went into the second building were we try,d  some food . The worst were the olives and the best was the bread . After food tasting , we got to see roman swords amour and shields . Some of us got to wear the amour and hold the shield . we got given a wooden sword and shield then we met the senturian…

Finally we went to a field outside and did the millitery drill whith the very grumpy centurian . We marched did a scary noise to scar bad guyes then we charged.


Extract of Mohamed's post


Last Friday, we went on a trip to Fishbourne Roman Palace! My heart was pouncing like a rocket. Eventually we started to go in are groups and get the massive coach. We are at this piece of history because we are studying about Romans and how they used to live.

First we arrived and we talked what they used to fight in the war with impressing wepons caught my eye. As we saw fancy wepons we got some to.When we went outside I was confused. As we went out I saw centurian who was very fuming and furious.YEET!

After an extensive, exhausting coach trip, I stood in my group waiting for Mrs Bullingham. Whilst waiting, I looked for any signs of a Villa but couldn’t see any. A guide approached  and led us to an open door. When we entered I was surprised to see little, white rolls on the floor.  I took off my coat and sat down behind one. The guide showed us all sorts  of real  weapons  that the Romans  used! We were given plastic helmets, blunt gladius’ and wooden shields. After that, we followed the guide  out into the garden and an ambitious, serious centurion stood before me. He got us sorted into lines and told us strange words which meant stop , go , charge and fight. We were then sent back to the room to get out of our gear .


Then, after a toilet break, we trooped back into the room. We were each given a sharpened cocktail stick to pick up our food on. The food was olives, bread with honey, carrots and dried apple. I put the apple in the bin straight away it was disgusting! Then we talked about how the Romans kept food fresh. I found out that they dried things to keep them in date that’s why the apple was dry. I was going to have more of the delectable bread but the boys finished it before I even had the chance. Lots of people didn’t have the olives but I did because my name is olive!


Afterwards, we had lunch and I had a cheese and jam sandwich my favourite! We walked out the lunch room and casually sauntered down the pavement. Entering yet another room, I looked around at all sorts of strange rocks and activities. I sat down on a carpet and someone began to explain what we were doing. Her name was Charlie. After a while we were allowed to explore. First I sat down at a table with a mixed up puzzle with Mya,  I  completed it. Secondly, I picked up a wax tablet and started writing my name in Latin. Before going to see the mosaics, I wrote my name with a cut bamboo stick and ink then I unfortunately got it all over my hands. Then we went to see the mosaics. They were beautiful and I liked the one with the Dolphin and the Cupid the best. We then went  back coach. I stared out the window and thought how lucky I was to get to go there. All this goes to show that Fishbourne Roman Villa is amazing and I hope that everyone gets to go there sometime in the future.   


First of all, I went to the toilet so I wont need it on the Coach . I put my coat on and off we went. When I got to the coach, I took my things off me and to pass some time I slept. When we got there, I put my things on . we went to roman villa.

We travelled to our first location which was the military . first,I made a message and send it to our friends and wait for them to reply back. Then I tried writing my name in Latin on wax .Romans didn’t have pencils so they used a stick called the stylus. After, we made a bridge held by wasn’t easy. It took several minutes until we got successful . It was nice after our first success so we kept going.

After the military, we went to the food tasting.I tried some bread but not normal bread it was Roman bread . then I tried some tried some dried apple which I didn’t like

Then we went to the military drill there was a man named the centurian. He barcked as loud as a lion roaring into someone . he was very angry he barked at me super loud . he called us a pathetic crew. The centurian is to loud for me .  we charged our swords at enemies and lurnt how to use our shield . we marched like Roman soldiers .


Six days ago, I went on a trip to Fishbourne Roman palace which once belonged to the roman. The first thing we went to was a room with tables and chairs and different activities. Next the women  talked to us about some Roman things then she lets us off to  the activities. We:

.Wrote on a wax  table with a  stylus(metal stick)

.Made mosaics with stones on a sand board.

.Made a roof  and a bridge/ house

.We made an emperor and our Emperor was Emperor F.S


Next we tasted food although I didn’t like all of them:

.carrots= liked

.cheese= not liked

.olives= not liked

.dried apple= liked

.bread= liked

The dried apple was like a gummy bear!

Last but not least came the scary, frightening  Military Drill! Uh oh! At first I had no idea of what that was but it was scary especially when the Centurion started shouting at us! Hey, we’re only kids we’re not Romans! Anyway, it was actually kind of funny .The main things were:

.Gladius= sword

.Scutum= shield

After that, I was exhausted! Although I still didn’t want to leave.Hey, I could go again!!!!


Hi my name is Brajan and we went to Fishbourne Roman villa palace I saw cows on the way there.

We was riding like a hour. First we was there last week and it was so so amazing. First we went to the museum. Then we saw same fossils from a huge house. We hung our coats. A man was dead could see his bones and we put our lunch into a big box and we saw a lady we then we went in to a building and we put on a beautiful armour and they gave our wooden sored and a strong shield then we went outside and we met Centurion and hi was the the king of the army . You can`t belive how fun it was.

 Last Friday I got on the coach and sat next to B. It was about 1 hour and 30 minutes but I wouldn’t    sanitary bathrooms. After that we put our bags. Then we did the Military drill. Then we tasted roman foods they were disgusting.

In the afternoon I we did roman activities my favourites were: writing your name roman, message sending and building a roof. After that, I got be emperor and hand out coins to the whole class, then we got back on the coach.


Extract of Aedan's post


Last Friday, I went on the dull coach to drive to Fishbourne Roman Palace for about 1 hour. My adult was Mrs Davies and my partner Miko. After that, we went to this house and went behind some tissue. We were shown a gladious , a scutem , a pilum ,a helmet , and a chestplate .When that was over, we brought kid friendly gladious , scutem , tissue that we wrapped around our body and a helmet. Our centurian was a mean old guy. He said that we had to train for 25 years but luckily we are in the 21st century. Immediately, in groups of fours we had to charge at our innocent teachers. While training, some of us were laughing including me.


Last Friday, we went on a sensational trip to Fishbourne Roman Palace in Chichester. In class, we have been learning about the Roman Times and how Ancient Romans so this trip was perfect match to our class topic!

As we got off the coach, the sun started piercing through my coat, it has almost 25 degrees Celsius (about 125 degrees Fahrenheit)! First of all, we put our bags and lunches away in wooden lockers so that they wouldn’t get lost along the way. Our first activity was the Military Experience where we got to do a variety of workshops. The first workshop me and my friends went to was the mosaic forming. We used sand and rocks to create pictures/mosaics out of them. We also used Roman Flags to send messages to each other, a letter at a time. We used roman letters and roman numerals to sign up for the Roman Army for a WHOLE 25 YEARS! Not 3 or 4 but 25!! I felt anxious and nervous, not knowing what would happen and what to expect. After that, we built rooftops for Roman villas, trying to make water not drop below it. For all our work we were rewarded a roman coin, it was shiny and glistened as bright as a knight’s armour. My favourite part was writing in the wax, though it felt like scraping through mud.

We then had lunch, followed by an introduction film, explaining the history behind Fishbourne. Our next activity was the food tasting. The food we tried contained of fruit & veg and carbohydrates. First up was bread, it tasted different from what you’d eat today, being a little soft and buttery. Another I tried was the carrots, they tasted of salt and vinegar, I didn’t really like them! The last thing we got to try was the dried apple. It was squishy and a little bitter.

Finally, we did the Military Drill, in which we learned about different armour Romans wore to protect themselves in battle and weapons Romans used back in the day. The ferocious weapons were as sharp as knives, but looked more deadly and destructive! We also followed a centurion who shouted commands at us. And if you thought memorizing the commands was hard, they WEREN’T even in English! They were in LATIN! Yes, LATIN! We had to march, charge and all the sorts. To end off our day we went in the museum and looked at the jaw-dropping, stunning mosaics. The trip was very fun, and definitely taught me a lot about Romans and how they lived life 2000 years ago.



Ariana's recount of her trip to the New Forest


Dear  Diary,                        

This morning, came to school and I was do my math, after play time I went with Mr Barnett and base buddies on the minibus and Mrs dobbin and Mrs Davis was confus  because Mrs Dobbin didn’t saw the   mini bus and after we went on the trip.

On our walk I saw a huge  brown  hours .

When  we arrived at the newb forest we lessen to the birds .

At   lunch we sat on the long mat and eat yummy lunch. FOR lunch I had sawench and bescet  and chees.

On the walk back we splas in  a muddy puddles.

Near the end of the walk we saw a hours drinking  water.

Finally we got on the mini bus and we drive back to school.

Our Climate Speech


We wrote and incredible speech, inspired by Greta Thunberg and our work on Martin Luther King and the Civil Rights Movement. 

You might have been told that we filmed this and played it in whole school assembly - although I cannot share this video with you right now, I can share a transcript of their passionate speech! It was created by merging their favourite lines of their own personal speeches and was amazing to see!


You have no idea how I feel right now.

I dream of a world in peace but I’m standing in a crummy old miserable planet with people dying every second.

I am devastated, I am distraught, I am fuming, I am frustrated.

I am fuming in anger at the human destruction.  You should be ashamed.

I am fuming that all the leaders aren’t doing enough

I should be at school, not here with all of you disappointments.

People are suffering unnecessarily just because of your actions.

If it is really okay, prove it to me!  You continue to tell your children that everything is okay when it’s not.

Can I trust you to be good to each and every one of us?

If you can really understand how I feel, then you need to stop this.

All I’ve got to say is ‘Stop right now’

Change NEEDS to happen.  Time is our enemy.

Action is needed with immediate effect.

You know our future is stolen and we are the thieves.  Our future is broken and we broke it.  Our hope is lost and will always be.

You have no idea how important this world is to us.  This means a lot to us.  We need to keep it amazing.

If you really understand the irreversible damage then where are the solutions?

If you really cared for the environment then why are you still chopping down trees and not listening to the people who are trying their hardest to save the planet.

Do you understand what you are doing to the world?  You are not caring about it.

You are not taking care of the world and look at what it has caused us, it has caused a terrible effect on the environment and it has caused us sorrow.

Do you honestly believe that this can be solved with business as usual and some technical solution?

You’re ignorant because you don’t care about the environment or about the poor animals that suffer because of you.

You are letting children suffer from dirty water.

You don’t know because you just care about money, business and yourself.  You call yourself kind and caring but you are wrong – you are nothing.

If you really understood you wouldn’t have been cutting down forests, burning fossil fuels and not recycling.

You have no idea how important this is to my life.  In thirty years our planet will be destroyed.

If you understood, you would stop climate change.

If you immature people do not listen, there won’t be a world to live in.

Do you want this horrible world to turn into the best world? All you need to do is take care of the world.

You can help the planet.

Your lack of care is appallingly awful.  Why do you think it is okay to continue something so dreadful.

You have jeopardised our lives.  You have really upset me this time.

Maybe it would be a more efficient world if you didn’t own the throne.

There is only one Earth to live on but we treat it like we are devouring a doughnut into millions of tiny pieces.

You have the authority to lead the way, to inspire other countries and help them to put the climate first.

You have no idea!  Why are you cutting down the forests?

You have no idea!  We are at the beginning of this massive mess.

You have no idea what’s happening to the planet.  If you keep letting polluting companies not pay for the damage.

You have to force the polluting companies to pay for the environmental damage they cause.

Now you must lead the way.  Inspire other countries and help them to put the climate first.

You say you listen, but when we are adults in the future we might not be able to breathe because of toxic air pollution.  If you really understood the risk you would help us.

You must make time!  We need to work together to save the world.

Action is needed with immediate effect.

We mustn’t trash the world.  Trashing this beautiful world is wrong.

Do we really have to eat a lot of meat each day?  I don’t think so!

Right here, right now, we must change.

We cannot continue, time is our enemy

We cannot continue saving our world full of glory and joy without you!




Year 4's Climate Emergency Speech