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Announcement today about the new Headteachers at Freemantle via- Marvellous Me and Parentmail............PLEASE continue to be vigilant and don't send your child to school if they show signs/symptoms of covid- we already have increasing number including staff....we will do our best not to close classes, but this will require the help of the entire school community............ watch this space for updates...............
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Year 3's Weekly blog

Week 3 14th - 18th March 


This week the children have been learning about intervals of time and shape in mathematics. We have also created animals using plasticine. This supported our ideas in our writing lesson where we were creating our own hybrid-animal and writing a non-chronological report about our creation. 


To celebrate British Science Week we had a STEM day. Our focus was to answer the question- why are trees tall? We set up an investigation using straws to represent xylem in plants. Our task was to understand how water is transported around plants (transpiration). The children really enjoyed seeing how many straws they could put together to suck the water through. We managed a huge total of 15!


What a fantastic week! Well done Year Three. 



Week 2 - 7th March to 11th March

This week we read a comical passage in our class Text, The Firework Marker's Daughter, invovling some pirates. We watched a short Buster Keaton 'slapstick' video called 'Cops' that showed the children the type of comedy the pirates offered. Then children then acted it out in groups and performed it to the rest of the class.


In RE, our topic is 'Salvation' and we have looked at the Easter Story. The children acted out parts of the Easter story and considered how certain people would have felt. They had some very insightful thoughts as they acted out the events. 


On Friday, we linked our topic Predators to our Art. The children were give half of a tiger's face and they had to draw the other side. The children used rulers to create guidelines for the facial features and also used their ruler to measure where the features should be positioned on their faces. They then began adding tone and shading. 


This week we have also been trying to do a simple Act fo Kindness in the lead up to Lent. 

Week 1 - 28th Feb - 4th March 


We have had an exciting first week back in Year 3.


On Monday, we had a visit from Paul Sturgess - Britain's tallest man and an NBA basket ball player who played for the Harlem Globe Trotters. Paul spoke to the children about his time playing basketball, rise to fame and about achieving goals through a positive mindset. The children got a chance to play basketball and compete in games against the clock. 


Thursday - We celebrated World Book Day by sharing our favourite books and dressing up as book characters. We read a range of books in class and shared our early memories of stories.  

(The book swap will continue all of next week so please your old books in!)


Friday - Iron Age Day!

The children finally got the opportunity to complete their Iron Age battle. Last half-term they prepared shields whilst learning about changes in history from Stone Age until Iron Age. 

The battle ended in draw and we all shook hands at the end!


Great effort from everyone this week, enjoy the weekend!


The Year 3 Team 


Week 1 28th February - 4th March