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Church of England Community Academy Trust

Year 2

W e l c o m e   t o   Y e a r   2!


  • Phonics books changed: Monday and Thursday
  • Library day: Thursday 
  • PE day: Tuesday 
  • Academic club (invite only): Tuesday


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Workshops - Home Learning 👨‍👩‍👦‍👦

Parent Workshop - A1

Autumn 1 - City Life

In Autumn 1, the children have learn all about City Life

We have looked at: 

  • Local study - Southampton 
  • Southampton in the past, present and what we think it will look like in the future 
  • London in the past, present
  • Famous landmarks 
  • Physical and human features of Southampton and London
  • The Great Fire of London 
  • How to build a bridge - inspired by all the amazing bridges in London
  • What is waterproof - inspired by the leather buckets used to put out the fire in 1666
  • What houses are made of - comparing 1600s to now 
  • Building our own 1600's houses and bakeries
  • Recreating the GFoL - we set the houses and shops out to recreate Pudding lane and set fire to the bakery
  • Writing instructions and baking bread 
  • Writing warning posters to make people leave London during the fire
  • Character descriptions
  • Setting descriptions
  • Recounts of a trip to the park (we designed our own parks and took a teddy on a trip)
  • Writing a letter to a parent/carer to tell them about the events of the GFoL
  • Place value - we have been learning the difference between ones and tens 
  • Addition - column addition with regrouping 
  • Subtraction - column subtraction without regrouping
  • Lots and lots of READING!



Books we are reading! 

Autumn 1 - Book Warmer

Autumn 2 - Book Warmer