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Year 1



This week we held a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) Day in Year 1. We researched and designed our own bio-domes, learned all about plants and how they grow, and planted our own sunflower seeds. We can't wait to watch them grow!

One Giant Step

As part of our theme day on Monday, we learned the story of Jack and the Beanstalk. We then used our new measuring knowledge to measure the tallest beanstalk. We also weighed all the items Jack could have taken, to work out which one was the heaviest - a golden egg, a ruby, Mrs Giant's necklace or the gold coins!

Year 1 had the most fantastic day on our trip to Ferny Croft. The children's behaviour was outstanding and they took everything in their stride considering this was their first school trip. We took part in several activities including den building, woodland arts and crafts as well as a hike across the New Forest. The children loved seeing the ponies as well as learning about the area. 

Our Ferny Croft Adventure

Year 1 Writing Workshop


Click on the link to watch our video.

Phonics in Year 1


Click on the link 'Phonics in Year 1' to watch our video all about how we teach phonics to the children in Year 1. We will give you some tips on how to practise phonics and read with your child.

Reading in Year 1

Click on 'Reading in Year 1' to watch our video with information about decodable books, library books and return days. If you have any questions please email ''.

Year 1 Recommended Reading List

The work of one child from each class has been chosen for our webpage. These children have shown great resilience and determination when it comes to improving their writing. All of the children worked so hard when writing their recounts this week but these two stood out. We have been so impressed and are incredibly proud of how far all the children have come with their writing since returning in September. They amaze us everyday!

Workshop Videos


Usually at this point in the year, the Year 1 team would invite parents and carers into Freemantle for a series of workshops where we would discuss the year ahead and how you can support your child to achieve highly.


This year, due to Covid-19, we cannot currently do this, so instead we will be releasing a series of videos addressing the points we would normally discuss in these sessions. The first workshop video focuses on reading, which is the most important thing your child should be doing to help them have a successful year in school and reduce the impact the gap in their learning could have on their long-term education.


Please see the short reading video and phonics video below. These videos contain information about reading and phonics at Freemantle, homework this year and how you can support your child to maximise the reading they do at home so that they can enjoy the many benefits reading for pleasure has on their education. Both will help you to help your child do well in school this year. 


Thank you for your support in this important year. 

Year 1 Recommended Reading List