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Just a polite reminder- wearing face covering within the school grounds is now requested by us, please help us to make it 100% ........ We will continue to review all our procedures due to covid 19, but will always keep the safety of our children at the heart of any decision we make................REMINDER- Mansion Rd will be closed to all traffic in the morning and afternoon from today, at drop off and collection time, please read the road signs, they are important................... We still have illegal parking in the mornings.....................please help us, to keep our children safe. We will start our name and shame campaign from today.
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Workshop 3: Writing and GPS (23/10/2020)

Dear Year 6 parents and carers, 


Please see the video below for information around writing with a focus on the end of Year 6 expectations which the children will be assessed against. 


The children who read the most tend to be the stronger writers, which is reflected in their end of Key Stage 2 tests (the trend is strong across maths, writing, reading and grammar, punctuation and spelling). Year 6 pupils should be reading at home every day to ensure they are as successful as possible this year in every subject, including writing. Please also ensure your child is regularly using Spelling Frame to practise spellings as spelling is a key part of their assessed grades in writing and GPS.


Writing Year 6