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We continue to be amazed at how well the children have settled, well done to all our fab pupils. As restrictions lift nationally, the academy will also look to 'ease' some areas. This will be done in a careful and progamatic way. We will not put pupils and staff at risk. The academy will remain vigilant, and we ask that parents do the same and support us to continue to get things back on 'an even keel'. As the children are settled, we will now be implementing the LA and national guidance on absence and lateness......thank you for your support in getting the children to school and on time, it helps them to settle in the morning and helps us to support their learning.
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Workshop 1: Reading and SATs (25/09/2020)

Usually at this point in the year, the Year 6 team would invite parents and carers into Freemantle for a Year 6 parent meeting where we discuss the year ahead with a focus on SATs.


We host this meeting early to give you and your child the maximum time to put in place the routines and support needed for them to reach their potential in this important year. Changes made now can have a huge and positive impact on your child's year. We want all our pupils to feel happy and confident knowing they have had a successful final year at primary school before moving to their respective secondary schools. 


This year, due to Covid-19, we cannot meet in person, so instead we will be releasing a series of videos addressing the points we would normally discuss in this session. The first workshop video focuses on reading, which is the most important thing your child should be doing to help them have a successful year in school and reduce the impact the gap in their learning will have on their long-term education. 


Please see the short reading videos below. The first will guide you through how to use Accelerated Reader, our new reading-support program that also ties into homework for this year at home, and how to access information about your child’s reading ability and progress. The second contains information about reading at Freemantle, homework this year and how you can support your child to maximise the reading they do at home so that they can enjoy the many benefits reading for pleasure has on their education. Both will help you to help your child do well in school this year. 


Finally, there is a question submission form at the bottom of this page. One of the upcoming videos will focus on the SATs tests themselves, providing an overview of what they are, why pupils take them, what the results are used for among other things. If you have any questions regarding the SATs tests pupils will take this year, please submit them using the form below and we will address them in the video. 


Thank you for your support in this important year. 

Accelerated Reader Parent:Carer Guide

Freemantle Year 6 Parent/Carer Reading Workshop Video

Below are important links to Freemantle's Accelerated Reader pages and information from Cambridge University on how to support your child by talking about reading.

Please submit any questions related to SATs here - these will be answered in a future video