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A MASSIVE thankyou, over 75% of parents and carers are wearing face covering as requested by us, please help us to make it 100% this week......... We will continue to review all our procedures due to covid 19, but will always keep the safety of our children at the heart of any decision we make.................Following the usual beginning of year parking issues, thanks for your support, we had no illegal parkers at the Waterloo Rd entrance last night...........................thanks, it keeps our children safe.
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We have been thinking about Harvest this week, as part of this we have baked our own bread rolls! We practiced our maths skills by counting and weighing out ingredients, then worked in pairs to make our rolls. They tasted yummy!
Our farm shop was popular this week, we enjoyed serving each other and learning about what foods you can find on a farm. We have also been exploring potato printing and playing with our small world farm.