A huge thank you to all our parents and carers for their support over the last few months

A reminder that the last day of term for ALL children is Friday 10th July

We hope you have a safe holiday and look forward to seeing you all in September

Remember to keep an eye out for Parentmails as we will be sending out more information over the holidays

Coronavirus Update
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Good news....... Good news...........Good news, we are opening for all year groups in September; we are so excited and looking forward to seeing all the children returning.........remember to keep an eye out for further information............... The last day of term for children including our key worker families, is Friday 10th July- The academy reopens 1st to 4th September..... and we say a very sad but fond farewell to all of our children, especially our year 6's. We wish you the very best of luck at your new schools and invite you back to see us at any time............ you will all be missed.
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Week 6

A short note to parents/carers:

Thank you for your support and all of the lovely work you have sent us so far. In your packs this week you will find that we have some online 'lesson' links that you can follow to help assist your children's learning. I have also added our homework email address on a couple of the activities; we would love to see the work you are doing it you would like to email a photo in to us. 

Have a lovely week! 

Superstar Shoutouts!

Well done to so many of you for completing your TTRS and SpellingFrame this week! 


A huge TTRS well done to: Issy, Maria, Aaron, Alex, Lena, Charlie, Liwia, Ruby D, Melina, Alice, Callum, Lilly, Filip C, Travis, Millie, Ruby F, Blessed, Mya, Albert and Lola for completing your TTRS this week (and more!)


With a special mentions to: Aaron, Lena, Alex, Ruby, Melina, Alice, Filip C, and Blessed for your accuracy scores of above 90% and average time of below 4 seconds - This is brilliant! 


An extra special well done to Charlie! You've made real improvements on TTRS with your accuracy and speed over the past few weeks! Your accuracy is at 90% and your speed is improving laugh


Our Spellingframe stars this week are: Aaron, Issy, Tobias, Lena, Blessed and Maria - you are all in the top 10 for the whole school this week! 


Issy, Aaron, Ruby D and Lena you are in the top 5 for this month and Issy and Aaron are still in the top 2 for this academic year in the whole school! Fabulous!!