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POLITE reminders - ................The last INSET day for this academic year is - 20th July 2020....... please do not park on the zig zag lines, you put your/our children at risk when you do this...........We are continuing our name and shame campaign, 'zig-zag' parkers registration numbers will be shown on this scrolling banner; we need to keep the children safe............thanks for your support in advance...........The following have put our children at risk this week...... White Ford- R28 LSD
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Week 2

This week in Nurture Group we have been continuing to get to know each other and made our 'This is Me' display sharing facts about ourselves. 
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We have been pretending to be police officers in the roleplay this week, treasure hunting in the sand and building amazing train tracks on the carpet. Some of us have tried some new foods at snack time this week and we have all worked really hard at achieving our goals to earn our Zog golden stars. 
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