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We continue to be amazed at how well the children have settled, well done to all our fab pupils. As restrictions lift nationally, the academy will also look to 'ease' some areas. This will be done in a careful and progamatic way. We will not put pupils and staff at risk. The academy will remain vigilant, and we ask that parents do the same and support us to continue to get things back on 'an even keel'. As the children are settled, we will now be implementing the LA and national guidance on absence and lateness......thank you for your support in getting the children to school and on time, it helps them to settle in the morning and helps us to support their learning.
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Church of England Community Academy

Spring Term

Spring Term 2021


Happy New Year to all our children and their families! 


We hope you have had a wonderful Christmas break and are all safe and well. Please remember to contact the school on if anyone in your household needs to self isolate and when that period is expected to end. 


For our first week back at Nursery we will be thinking about the season of winter. Have a look at our 'Home Learning' tab to find some ideas you can explore at home. In the meantime why not discuss these fun facts about winter:


  • Winter is the coldest season.
  • Snow sometimes falls in winter
  • Every snowflake has six sides.
  • The sun looks bigger in the winter.
  • Trees stop growing in the winter.
  • Plants stop growing in the winter.
  • Nights are longer in the winter.
  • Some animals hibernate in the winter.
  • Winter comes before spring.
  • A blizzard is a bad snowstorm.