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We continue to be amazed at how well the children have settled, well done to all our fab pupils. As restrictions lift nationally, the academy will also look to 'ease' some areas. This will be done in a careful and progamatic way. We will not put pupils and staff at risk. The academy will remain vigilant, and we ask that parents do the same and support us to continue to get things back on 'an even keel'. As the children are settled, we will now be implementing the LA and national guidance on absence and lateness......thank you for your support in getting the children to school and on time, it helps them to settle in the morning and helps us to support their learning.
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Writing Guidance: 6th January

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Writing instructions:


We will be writing a descriptive and personal diary entry imaginging we are on the Titanic.

Today (Monday), the focus is to: Identify how description and a personal tone has been used to recount and inform museum visitors about an event.


You will need to read the example (on powerpoint) and below and pick out the features listed on the powerpoint (or see below)


Find examples of:

  • adverbials of time
  • specific, descriptive word choices
  • emotional vocabulary and exclamations
  • ‘because’ to write a complex sentence


Model example:


My Trip on the Titanic

Dear diary, today was an amazing day! First thing this morning I stepped onboard the incredible Titanic with my family. We walked across the top deck of the ship and smelt the scent of wood. The first thing I thought about was how massive this ship was. I could not believe something so huge was also unsinkable. It felt like there so much to see. Everything was freshly painted and pristine. It looked perfect. I was scared to touch anything but I wanted to explore everything because this ship was like nothing I had ever seen before. My heart was beating so fast with excitement. Later on, we went to a restaurant for dinner. There was a grand staircase that looked very expensive. It was crafted from old English oak wood and had detailed carvings on it. It must have taken forever to complete.  The stairs looked even more glorious because of a stunning glass chandelier hanging above. I couldn’t stop looking around because everything was impressing me. There was an eye catching glass dome high up above and on the ground there were shiny, grey floor tiles that had triangular details.  My face hurt from smiling all day. Being on this ship was like being in a dream.

Writing: Tuesday - Guidance

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