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Next years INSET days - 2nd September 2019, 3rd September 2019, 13th December 2019, 20th July 2020 --- Have a great summer everyone and looking forward to seeing you all back in September!
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Quizlet is a revision aid designed to help children learn key terminology, particularly in maths and SPaG. The current curriculum is a knowledge-heavy curriculum and the children are expected to know and understand many difficult terms.


Quizlet is an online 'class' which the children can log in to and take short, simple revision quizzes that test their knowledge of this key terminology. All terms on the Quizlet quizzes are from the national curriculum for primary schools and thus will be relevant for the children's end of year SATs tests. However, many of these terms the children will not know early in the year, so don't worry if they're not scoring 100%. The goal is for the children to be confident with these terms by May.


To access Quizlet, follow this link:


The children will need to log in using a parent or carer's email address. They will then be added to the Freemantle Year 6 class, where they will be able to access a number of quizzes. More will be added during the year. 


Quizlet provides immediate feedback so you can see how your child is getting on at home. 


Research shows that revision over time is far more effective than cramming and we regularly revisit topics in SPaG and maths throughout the year to revise and embed. Quizlet is another way the children can continue to embed their knowledge and learn at home.