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Progression of Skills


The Golden Threads in our writing progression of skills are:


📌 Composition

Initially, learners must have the chance to experience different scenarios and use language orally within different situations. This will progress to learners developing an awareness of purpose, audience and tone in order to write effectively to achieve prescribed writing tasks or to write for their own needs/desires/motives.


📌 Transcription & Handwriting

Initially, learners must develop early writing skills and understand print as a form of communication. This will progress to learners being able to communicate their ideas effectively in writing, organising their ideas with legible handwriting clearly so that they can be read by others.


📌 Vocabulary 

Throughout their education, learners should be exposed to a wealth of vocabulary and have opportunities to apply this vocabulary orally (initially) and then in writing. Learns must draw upon their reading and experiences in order to enhance their writing. In the context of our academy, there is a language deficit so speaking and listening, role play and a rich literature play an invaluable role in facilitating vocabulary development.


📌 Grammar

Initially, learners must use language patterns and sentences structures accurately in their speaking. Learners will then progress  to writing effectively using appropriate and advancing grammar skills in order for their writing to be understood. In the context of our academy, EAL pupils will often need focused grammar teaching in order to write with accurate structure and tense.


📌 Punctuation

Initially, learners must understand how to express 1 idea verbally. This knowledge will support learners in being able to punctuate their ideas accurately in order to communicate meaning in a written form.


📌 Spelling

Initially, learners must have an awareness of sounds in their environment and being able to orally segment words into sounds. Learners should progress to being able spell words accurately in order to communicate their ideas effectively. The application of phonics in the first instance is imperative to establishing a solid foundation for spelling before spelling rules and alternative representations are explored.


📌 Planning

Initially, learners must use planned play to enable them to develop ideas. These early skills will support learners as they come to understand the skills in planning that are necessary in order to develop coherent writing that is well-structured.


📌 Editing

Learners must develop editing skills in order to check over and improve their written work so that errors and ineffectiveness does not detract from achieving the desired purpose.


📌 Performing

Pupils must be able to share their written work with others.

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