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Announcement today about the new Headteachers at Freemantle via- Marvellous Me and Parentmail............PLEASE continue to be vigilant and don't send your child to school if they show signs/symptoms of covid- we already have increasing number including staff....we will do our best not to close classes, but this will require the help of the entire school community............ watch this space for updates...............
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Church of England Community Academy Trust

SCM Basic Bank

Please see below for the latest updates regarding the SCM Basics Bank service.

Clothing bank reopening
We're pleased to announce the clothes bank will reopen on Wednesday 21st April at Ascension Church from 10am-3pm.

Vegan & gluten free
We have set up a section for vegan and gluten free foods and are encouraging donations of foods in these categories to establish a running stock going forward. Do remind service users to make any dietary requirements known to our teams when they are greeted at Basics Bank. 

Carrier bags
PLEASE! ask service users to bring their own bags to the food banks when you issue them a voucher. We're feeding around 1,500 people per month and often have to double bag food parcels due to heavy items. We are getting through a lot of bags and now that people are generally using reusable bags for shopping, there are far fewer being donated!