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Church of England Community Academy Trust

Our search for Mental Health Champions

 We are launching a new initiative to recruit 18 children from Year 2/3/4 and 5 to become our first Mental Health Champions.

Current Year 5 – 6 places

Current Year 4 – 5 places

Current Year 3 – 4 places

Current Year 2 – 3 places


The children who are successfully appointed will receive training and regular support to enable them to fulfil their role.


Through the appointment of Freemantle Mental Health Champions, we will:

  • Remove taboos about mental health
  • Improve understanding of mental health both within the Academy and also in the wider community
  • Allow children to develop pupil voice regarding mental health by providing regular opportunities for them to talk and ensure that they understand they are not alone
  • Support the development of Restorative Practice
  • Develop children’s ability to talk about and share emotions


Our new Mental Health Champions will meet at least once every half term as a collective group.

They will be encouraged to bring ideas to improve mental health each meeting.

They will be asked to have some time to talk with their class to gather views, ideas and to feedback from their meetings.

They will plan awareness activities, assemblies and opportunities to engage in mental health awareness campaigns – raising the profile across the academy community.


Our Mental Health Champions will be trained through role play in;

  • Restorative Practice
  • Working cooperatively with the lunchtime team
  • Meeting leadership


Our Mental Health Champions will be easily identifiable by the bright sweatshirts that they will be wearing in school.


Interview process

  1. Assembly Launch 9th May 2022 2:45
  2. Application process explained
  3. Applications handed out in assembly and sent out on Marvellous Me – to be handed in by Monday 16th to class teachers
  4. Tuesday 17th May Shortlisting by Curriculum Partnership Team
  5. Successful applicants will receive a letter inviting them to an interview for the week beginning June 13th
  6. Successful candidates will be informed by letter
  7. Training will then take place in July and children will take up their role in September – wearing the official Mental Health Champions Sweatshirt – logo to be designed by the Champions
  8. Meetings will take place once every half term at different times to avoid impact on the same learning areas