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Through whole class music lessons the children are given the opportunity to explore percussion instruments, their singing voice and body percussion. Activities include opportunities to develop their skills in; improvising, composing, singing, listening and appraising music from a range of cultures and times. The children learn about the elements that make up all forms of music; pitch, dynamic, structure, texture, timbre and tempo. Children are encouraged to respond to music in a variety of ways. There is an emphasis on music as a source of pleasure and the benefits it can provide in generating feelings of well-being.


There are weekly singing assemblies which are used to develop the children’s vocal skills and to provide an uplifting shared experience for all. These are led by Mrs Glynn who also runs the Key Stage 2 choir.


Where possible children are given the opportunity to perform to an audience. They perform their work to peers, in assemblies and through Nativity performances. Working alongside the Southampton Music Hub, the children are given the opportunity to take part in workshops and large events. Whenever possible the children get to experience live music.


Instrumental lessons are available for Key Stage 2 pupils, they are provided by the Southampton Music Hub. We currently have pupils learning a variety of instruments including cello, saxophone and keyboard. If your child is interested in taking up an instrument, further details can be obtained from Southampton Music Hub  email:


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