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Hello everyone,


Welcome 'back' after your Easter break. I hope you all enjoyed some time off from revision and are safe and well. Below is this week's work but I wanted to share with you two huge sources of further learning being produced by the BBC and White Rose Hub (which I have shared in previous posts).


BBC Bitesize - 

"The Bitesize website will tomorrow expand to offer additional help for students and their parents. New Maths and English lessons will be available every day for all ages. These will be created with resources from Bitesize, other parts of the BBC and other education providers. The content of these lessons will be backed up by new videos, practice tests, educational games and articles. Regular lessons on other core subjects, including science, will also be available. Mums and dads can get advice on how to teach anyone who is home-schooling and the Bitesize website will also have guides for pupils with SEN (special educational needs)."


More info here: 


White Rose Hub Home Learning - 

I have shared this link before but the White Rose Hub - a group of maths specialists - publish daily lessons on their website. You will recognise their questions from our chilli sheets in class. These maths lessons are an excellent way of revising topics from this year and ensuring your maths knowledge doesn't slip backwards.


 The work I set is the same work you would be doing to revise ahead of your SATs. However, these sources provide even more learning and, combined with regular daily reading, will help to make sure you make the most of this period out of school.