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We would like to say that we are so proud of all of our pupils and their resilience and attitude in what has been a difficult year and a half, thanks you wonderful children you are FAB. A special mention to the year 6 pupils who leave us today; we sincerely wish you the very best as you move to secondary school, but offer an open invitation if any of you would like to come and see us in the future......... keep us informed of how things are going. Stay safe over the summer period and we look forward to seeing everone back on Thursday 2nd September- bright eyed and bushy tailed. .................. please keep an eye out for parentmails during the summer break as there is lots to share with you all........................Let us hope that next year is 'normal' and that we can enjoy being together in class and in school. Thanks to all the parents that have worked so hard to help their children through lockdowns, both academically and emotionally...........we know how difficult it was. Stay safe!
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Homework in Year 6

This year, our homework priority has shifted to reading - it's the most important activity for pupils to be doing at home in order to succeed in school.


In Year 6, we look to provide 2 hours and 30 minutes homework a week (equivalent to roughly 20 minutes a day) the vast majority of which is reading. 


In Year 6, homework will be set each Friday and we have worked to keep it as consistent and simple as possible. 


Pupils will be set three homeworking activities:


Times Tables Rock Stars (20 minutes per week)

As in previous years, pupils taught maths by Mr Seymour, Miss Saunders or Mrs Durham should login to Times Tables Rock Stars and complete 20 minutes in the studio. Good times tables recall is the foundation on which most of Year 6 maths is built upon, so even if your child is completing their TTRS rounds quickly, we ask that they continue practising to ensure they remain as fast as possible - this will also help with the high expectations of the end of year SATs tests, during which the pupils have limited time to complete complex calculations (30 minutes to answer 36 questions in the arithmetic paper, for example). 


Spellings (5 minutes practise 5 times a week = 25 minutes per week)

Using the Spelling Frame platform and the login details brought home this week, pupils should practise the spelling rule for the week ahead of a short test every Thursday. Again, spelling is a key part of our assessment this year and so we aim for pupils to score 80% on these tests. They may be asked to re-test the following week if they score significantly below this or be given additional support if necessary. 


Reading (15 minutes a day x 7 = 1 hour 45 minutes per week)

The majority of a Year 6 pupil's homework time should be spent reading. Pupils should read for 15 minutes a day at a minimum and record their reading in their new reading record books (date, pages read and the book title in the comments). We encourage you to read with your child occasionally as, no matter how confident they are, they are still developing readers and will benefit from the support, encouragement and enthusiasm you provide. 



First of all, we expect all pupils to complete their homework. If they do not, they will fall behind their peers who do and we would be failing them to allow them to do so. 


The minimum expectation in terms of reading recorded in their reading record book is 4 records a week. Ideally, this should be 7 as a child reading daily will make greater progress with their reading. We will discuss what your child has read with them, check their reading record and check their regular Accelerated Reader quizzing weekly to ensure they are doing enough reading at home. 


Reading records should be brought into school every Friday for teachers to check your child's homework. TTRS will also be due and checked before 8:30am on Friday.


There may be times where exceptional circumstances prevents your child from doing their homework. Please get in touch using the info@ email address if this is the case. Largely though, we will ensure your child catches up with their homework if necessary at school, as we do not want a situation where their peers progress at a much faster rate as a result of the additional work and revision they do at home. 


We also believe pupils in Year 6 taking responsibility for their own homework helps develop the independence and self-management required to be successful at secondary school and beyond. 


Please get in touch if you have any questions around homework.