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We are really looking forward to seeing all our fabulous children back with us on Monday 8th March- the team at Freemantle can't wait to welcome you all back. Your parents have now received three parentmails with all the information you need to help you come back to school safe and ready- In the meantime, lessons continue to be live, please continue to check your parentmails-
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Church of England Community Academy

Home Learning during Isolation

Week 4/1/21


Writing Group Beaver

Reading Bumblebees Group


Writing Beaver Group


Writing Beaver Group

Maths Rabbit Group

Maths Deer and Dormouse Group

Reading Bumblebees

Monday and Tuesday 

Writing Group Beaver

Week Commencing 23/11/2020


This week we are reading the myth of Perseus and the Medusa

You can read and listen to a copy of this myth at:


Ladybird Group
Week Commencing 11 November 2020

This week we are reading the myth of Icarus and Daedalus.  You can read a version of the text at: