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Fan Fiction 9

“I’ll get my hands on your fortune if it's the last thing I do,” the voice hissed. “And when I have it, I'll kill you and your siblings with my own two hands” Violet gave a little cry of fear,but flicked the switch on.

The theatre became quiet, no sound was made, except the breathing of the children. The light did not worked.The stage was dark and it held onto the stage as if it were holding for dear life, like the children were. They were scared because of this man who made their life torture, but the most effected was the eldest of the orphans Violet. She had seen it all and even though she's the oldest sseh was scared beyond belief, but she needed to think so she reached for her hair ribbon, hands trembling. She took it from her pocket but failed to put it in her hair.

Violet reached for her ribbon on the floor utt a voice spoke, a voice that the orphans feared.``Look at you hiding in the dark thinking I was unaware.” “Well my children you are mistaken,” Count Olaf said, creating more fear in them. Violet was frozen. She didn't move,she lowered her breathing and anything else in her body that made noise she stopped. But thee darkness only made Violet’s fear worse, she couldn't help it she started breathing loudly  “I can hear you my darling” he spoke moving closer to her “ Please take our fortune.Please just leave us alone,” Violet choked out “ Oh my dear i'm sorry it just doesn't work like that,” he said laughing to himself.

Violet was overthinking she hammered on the light.No light. Only a flash came,she saw Klaus and Sunny crying in each other's arms.But Count Olaf was infront of her with a wicked smile. “Oh my child,” he said, holding her cheek.Then he slyly pulled a knife from his pocket then gently swished it across her cheek. Left. Right. Left. Right, I went until Violet noticed the switch lit up in the reflection meaning the light would work. She thought deeply would this save her and her siblings life or will she die to save her siblings.She just went for it kicked Count Olaf she pressed it lights on in every corner.Now if you are wondering on how violet left unharmed well she wasn't she had a cut on her cheek and inside she was sad and hurt due to Count Olaf.