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Fan Fiction 7

A series of unfortunate events 


“ I'll get my hands on your fortune if it's the last thing i do “ The darkness spread through the room like thick fog.The children couldn't see anything and felt alone and scared.They crawled across the room looking for light.Then suddenly they heard footsteps around the room then they stopped then came back again.

They heard whispering in the room then they realised Count Olaf  was whispering to them.Then they felt a shiver down their spine.


“Well now you really think I'll abandon you like your parents did ? “ The children froze terror,Count Olaf  roared” im going to get your fortune next time then kill you with my oan two handes.”  Violet felt his nail on her chin scratching her.She could see his dark figure in the shadows Violet shouted “ LEAVE US  ALONE !” “ WHAT DO YOU WANT FROM US!?.” “Oh you know what I want from you YOUR FORTUNE!.” Then Violet heard footsteps again and she squeezed Sunny . “You're not my father, you're an evil man.” Clouse screeched.He quickly took back his words 

Knowing what he can do to him. He started moving back,hearing footsteps coming towards him.By now Violet was crying of fear.


Violet walked up to the light switch and said,”123” then taped the light switch but it didn’t turn on.She tried and tried but it didn't turn on.