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Fan Fiction 5

“I’ll get my hands on your fortune if it’s the last thing i do,”the voice hissed.”and when i have it ill kill you and your siblings with my own two hands.”Violet gave  a little cry of terror,but turned on the switch on.


The theatre, gloomy and filled with darkness, moved closer and closer to the children and squashed them.However the light couldn't hear Violet's call.The evilness of Count Olaf came and the whole room was pitch black, and there was no sight of lightness.Could Olaf's true identity came it felt like the darkness was working for him.Violet could hear the cries of the audience and all of the people shouted in fear.


“Well, now. You children really thought you could get away  with your precious fortune?I never knew you were so dumb,I shouldn’t have to repeat this but i guess ill say it one more time.Your fortune is made for me and only me,”Count Olaf said in his evil voice.It felf like Count Olaf had ambushed them with his whole crew and with the darkness helping them,”Please just-just leave us alone.”She couldnt even speak,the darkness was taking her voice away.”I cant just abandon you children like your parents did,”he said.It felt like he would continue and never stop.He was everywhere. Count Olaf tickled Violet’s chin like a cat.Violet was so mad that she managed to say,”GO AWAY!”” You're not our father,” said Klaus,knowing he had said something that he shouldn't have.

Count Olaf said”How dare you say that to your father!Do you know how hard it is to take care of you?I think you should give me your fortune to me already”NEVER”Violet said in rage.Count Olaf was now full in rage that he made the room more dark.”I adopted you so that I could get your fortune,”Groaned Count Olaf,who was now Shouting in rage.I wanted you so that you could give me some money or should i say i was blackmailing you.” “TAKI”Sunny shouted,which probably means ‘SHUT UP.’The whole room was filled with Horror.Darkness filled the room in every part of the theatre.Darkness was following the children everywhere they went haunting them.Violet quickly clicked the light switch with all her might and eventually turned on the lights then the whole room lit up and there was no one except for Mr Poe.Count Olaf was GONE!