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Fan Fiction 4


Violet gave a cry of terror, But flicked the light switch on. The theatre fell silent and the lights didn’t respond knowing they would disobey Count Olaf.


instead darkness ,Sinful and wicked, spread around people like a sin. She could smell the scent of her own blood in Count Olaf’s hands. She could feel a sharp horn through her back. She looked  dead into the dark. An intense amount of dark came out from every corner of her eyes.


’’Well well well you little children thought you could escape? Well you can’t ‘’ his croaky disrupted her as it did all the time. The Baudelaires froze, feeling unease. Cold sweat ran down Violet’s face and a shiver ran down her spine. She wished she could scream but no matter what, Violet just couldn’t  because her mouth was dry. It felt like Count Olaf was asphyxiating her. ‘’I’m your father you can’t escape why not hand it over?’’ snarled Count Olaf, Who was Sinful and ungodly


‘’V-V-Violet VIOLET!’’ Shouted klaus. Klaus felt a shiver down his spine. Violet finally replied, ‘’Y-y-yes’’ Klaus took a breath. 

‘’Looks like i have your sister…’’ .Panic filled Violet from head to toe. Panic circled Violet like a sin. Panic,Sins was holding Violet Count Olaf


Violet put a hand behind her back desperately trying to find the light switch. At this point her hand was hurting at this point. She rested aiming at it again at this point she was trying really hard and she finally felt something in her hand. She counted ‘’1,2,3’’ and flicked her hand as hard as she could. Light filled every corner of her eye she could feel it she opened her eyes and saw Count Olaf was gone she fell to the floor Klaus ran to Violet to help her.

*10 minutes later*

Violet gets up, they go into Mr Poe’s car and go away in relief . Violet and Klaus now feel relieved