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Fan Fiction 3


However, light did not fill the room, instead, it continued to flood with darkness. Each Baudelaire was swallowed, without hesitation. The dark, perilously threatening, caused a bombardment of fear to wash over the crowd, suppressing their screams. Violet could feel Count Olaf sniggering a sinful smile. Klaus, on the other hand, heard scrapings. He knew who was making this noise, this irritating noise, belonged to one of Olaf’s accomplices . He knew this person well, meaning, he knew that if you were near him, you would be in some sort of danger. Violet’s gears in her mind, hesitantly started to move. She reached for her hair ribbon, but dropped it. The gears jolted, then came to a stop.


“ Can you smell your blood on my hands?” murmured a voice.

“ Can you see your dreadful fate?” Each Baudelaie froze in trepidation. Violet felt his claws run along her cheek.She trembled. Footsteps were coming towards her. Violet could feel his breath on her skin. She could feel his blood shot eyes staring at her.

“Why?” she sighed, she could not sum the courage to speak, almost blending in with the crowd. “Why, you say, because I need to look after you, DON’T I?” came a wheezy whisper. Violet turned to Klaus who was on his knees, searching  for something. A hand was over her mouth she couldn’t breathe and she then stumbled and fell to the floor. All she could see was a shadow looming over her.

“ Foolish orphans,” snarled Olaf, tricking her easily. Violet could feel Sunny whimpering on her cheek. Shuddering, Violet stood up. Her stomach churning.

“Orphans,” chuckled Count Olaf, rubbing his dry hands together. Klaus was standing up now, walking in circles with no purpose, shaking vigorously- a word which here means- without control. Sunny whimpered, gripping Violet, her mind clouded with confusion and fear. Mumbling could be heard, along with noises from Olaf’s comrades. Looking around Klaus and violet could see no sign of Olaf. he was standing right behind them.


Desperation clouded the minds of the Baudelaies. Desperation flooded th e eyes of Violet. Desperation consumed them. Violet was running now, with her hands in front of her, breathing heavily. Muffled screams could be heard, drowning her ears. She reached for the light switch. Violet held her breath. She opened her eyes. All three Baudelaires were there, but every one else was gone. Except one person. Count Olaf.