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Fan Fiction 29

“I'll get my hands on your fortune if its the last thing i do”.What are you going to do now?.You really thought you could escape from your father,you really are more idiotic then your parents are”.Count Olaf sniggered to him self.The Baudelaire children were about to faint from what count olaf said.The children started talking to each other

“I think we should run,said Klaus

Violet said “No, I think we should try and figure out what he's gonna do next.

“Bite” said sunny (which probably ment let me bite him)Count Olaf stopped walking.So the children couldn't hear him.Eventually, the light turnedon.Count Olaf was not there.The chi;dren were confused.The lights went off again.This time,Olaf started talking.

“You really think you can escape from your father?”Olaf said, shouting.

Klau Shouted”YOU ARE OUR FATHER!!!”.Klaus realised what he said when he looked at Olaf.He was red with anger.”I SHOULD JUST ILL ALL OF you right here,right now.But i won't. Olaf said, who was not extremely angry and calm.The children were confused,Olaf knew where they were going and planned that he will kill the next person looking after them.Olaf laughed for a while.The children wanted to run but Olaf tried kissing violet but got pushed back before he could.When they were running one of Olaf's henchmen grabbed Sunny but she bit the henchman's hand/hook.The children didn't know the power was out.An engineer went to go fix the power.A scream made it way through the entire theatre everyone tried getting out.Doors were locked.You could hear footsteps everywhere you go.More people tried fixing the power but more screams were heard.Then a big shadow appeared.It was holding a knife.The Baudelaire children knew whose shadow it wasSome of the henchmen started looking for violet.She realised her ribbon was gone when sunny said har (which probably meant sis you don't have your ribbon).Violet tried finding her ribbon but in the darkness of the abyss,The henchmen found the ribbon first and were saying if she didn't come out the ribbon would be destroyed.