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Fan Fiction 28

“I’ll get my hands on your fortune if it’s the last thing I do,” the voice hissed. And when I have it, i’ll kill you and your siblings with my own two hands.” Violet gave a little cry of terror but flicked the switch on.


No light flickered. The theatre was flooded with gasps and murmurs. Suddenly, all went quiet. All they could hear was the evil sniggering of the evil man. All they could taste was the bitterness that lingered in the theatre. Their fear, quiet but threatening, had taken control of the Baudelaires now and all they could do was glance, fearfully, at each other. They knew what trouble they were in, and goose bumps itched on their skin. They knew what terrible things he could do. They knew him for a reason. Violet reached for her hair ribbon with a trembling hand, but it fell onto the platform. Still blinded by the darkness, and no matter how much she worried, it didn’t come into sight.


“Well well well, looks like you’ve fallen right into my trap orphans,” he wheezed.”I would never let my dear children escape from their father. Would I?I have to take care of you !” he taunted.Violet tried to speak and say something, but was frozen in shock and with every word, with every thought, his footsteps came closer. Violet only managed one word “No!” She was barely able to shout. She was trembling with fear as the footsteps of the man they hated most, came even closer this time. So close that Violet could make out his horrid face in the blinding dark. He seemed to be circling them, and that is just what he was doing. Violet could make out her siblings' fear through teary eyes. She saw Sunny , her baby sister, desperately looking for Count Olaf, worried he might do something to her. Her eyes stopped looking at something,someone. Violet suddenly realised what her sister was looking at… She was looking behind her. Violet slowly turned around, hoping not to see him. “Oh my! I’m sorry I scared you, but you were just too pretty,” came the wheezy whisper. She drew her eyes down from his wicked face down to her hand. The Count was holding her hand. Holding her hand hard. He sniggered knowing she saw it. She struggled. He held tighter. “Struggle all you want, but I’ll never let go of my dear bride,” he said kindly.

“LET GO OF ME!” Violet finally shouted. At this Violent command, the Count loosened his grip and she eased her hand out of his. He leaned in to kiss her, but at the last moment she kicked the Count back knocking, not only him,but her over. Thankfully she landed in front of her siblings. Klaus put Sunny down and she was glad to see Violet. “Boobo!” Sunny cried, which probably meant “Are you ok?”

Klaus knelt down and hugged his sister. Violet was thinking of a plan, but remembered she lost her hair ribbon. “I can’t find my ribbon Klaus, I dropped it!” she whispered loudly.

“Then let's find it!!” he replied proudly. They all started scampering around, andViolet saw.. Fabric! She ran over to it, quietly, so Count Olaf wouldn’t hear her. She bumped into someone.”Sorry Klau-” She realised it was not him. “It’s alright Princess, I don’t mind. Looking for this?” purred Count Olaf, who was kneeling down and grabbing her ribbon.


He walked behind Violet and tied her hair. “Is that better now dear?” he asked.

“I-I ge-guess,” she stuttered. She heard her siblings run over to her. “Violet! We were so worried!” Klaus cried.

“Ribbo!” Sunny shrieked which probably meant “She found her ribbon!” She then realised that, right beside her, was Count Olaf looking angrily at her siblings like a guard dog. The darkness seemed to be getting darker. The darkness seemed to be taking over. The darkness seemed to be on Olaf’s side. She grabbed her siblings and ran over to the light switch. She could see Count Olaf’s shiny eyes. “Don’t. You. DARE!” he snarled. She put her fingers on the switch. Count Olaf ran over. Fast. She pushed the light switch. Too late. The horrible man had pushed her away at the last moment, leaving them still, in the never ending void. She ran back at him, knocked him over and he seemed to have passed out. She flicked the switch. Light fought the dark. Light took over. Light was in every corner of the room. They realised everyone was gone..Mr Poe let out his suppressed cough. “Excuse me!” he said apologetically. He. He. The monster was gone.