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Fan Fiction 27

Characters: Count Olaf - Villain

Baudelaire children: ( Sunny, Violet, Klaus) Prey of the Villain Count Olaf

Mr Poe: Person who helped the Baudelaire children get a new legal guardian ( Count Olaf )

The Book: The Series Of Unfortunate Events (First book)

Paragraph: Ending.


WARNING: You may want to read the book before reading this as it might not make sense. Recommended for people above age 8+ due to formal language / strong language and disturbing or scary content. Thank you for reading this information about the Fan Fiction ending of The Series Of Unfortunate Events. Enjoy reading my ending. 😊


“I’ll get my hands on your fortune if it’s the last thing I do,” the voice hissed. “And when I have it, I’ll kill you and your siblings with my own two hands.”

Violet gave a little cry of terror, and flicked the light on. But instead no light managed to turn on. The darkness suffocated the Baudelaire children like a trap door opening making them fall underground to their death. The Baudelaires could taste the disappointment of their parents on their taste buds7. The breeze of the ghostly wind ran in, filling the theatre with fright. The children could hear Mr Poe struggling to suppress his cough in his handkerchief. Heaving breathing from the children and mysterious whispers from Count Olaf faded into the room. The scraping of the Hook Handed Man travelled across the theatre with footsteps followed behind it. Violet grabbed her hair ribbon but ultimately failed and dropped it and it fell out of sight.


“You really thought you could escape?” Count Olaf tutted before sniggering to himself. The children shivered with fright. “My dear children, I have to take care of you and only me!” Count Olaf cackled. The footsteps came closer, and closer, and closer. “Please p-please just dont hurt us,” Violet whimpered while violently shaking. Violet felt Count Olaf’s breath loom over her head, she looked over to Klaus and then to Sunny. VIolet desperately flicked the light switch hundreds of times, but nothing worked. “You stupid little girl,” Count Olaf chuckled. The theatre was still filled with darkness, and the longer they stayed in the dark, the darker it got. Violet grabbed Sunny tighter and tighter. “You can’t just run away from your father!” Count Olaf said, raising his voice. “YOU’RE NOT OUR FATHER!” Klaus shouted taking a few steps back, knowing he had enraged Count Olaf.


Count Olaf’s breath went over their heads harder. Violet closed her eyes and counted down from five. “5, 4 , 3 , 2 , 1” She extended her arm and flicked the button with all the energy she had and the theatre lights flickered then eventually the theatre had nothing else left but the Baudelaire children surrounded with light. “I’m always watching, always…” Count Olaf whispered quietly before leaving the Baudelaire children in the theatre.


Thank you for reading my ending and i hope you enjoyed it 😊