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Fan Fiction 26

“I’ll get my hands on your fortune if its the last thing i do,” “And when i have it,i’ll kill you and your siblings with my own two hands.”

Violet gave a little cry of terror, but flicked the switch on.


But as she turned it on , there was no sign of light instead there was pure darkness that swallowed the whole room and sucked in every person to hide in it.

All around the corner were terrified gasps.Meanwhile,Violets face turned as white as a ghost and slightly froze and shivered as if coldness took over her body.Violet hesitantly gazed at Klaus and her baby sister but a wall of darkness instantly separated them , Violet hopelessly looked at her siblings whilst they were fading into the darkness.Whilst she was watching them getting sucked in she rapidly grabbed her ribbon but lost grip of it and not before long was out of sight  and on the stage floor.


“Well now, you really thought you could escape from your better father,” he hissed.Violet slowly whimpered as Count Olaf gently stroked her hair  and started , “You know if your parents  actually cared about you  they would’ve here a long time ago,” he said softly giggling at his own joke.” “ Th-thats not true!” “Our parents do care about us ,” Violet argued but could barely bring any volume into her quiet voice.”Oh children…dumb children  how could you think that? They were never with you at Briney Beach they just abandoned  you.”  Violet terrified ,  ran to the  but every corner remained as dark as Count Olafs soul.”you useless girl dont try to turn on the lights , im your father and you have to obey me.Just like some useless pets you are,” Count olaf whipsered.


Sunny shrieked at that , “We are not!” Klaus whispered trying to argue back.Everyone went silent silence flowed like a river across the room . Silence continued .Silence captured every corner of the room like a spider catching its prey.Finally , Sunny broke the silence “Scep!” she said , which probably meant “try to turn on the lights again!” Violet went  to the light switch  ans slowly counted from 3 “3 , 2 , 1” the whole theatre lit up with bright light in every corner , they all looked around but they  were completely alone in a room light they all got goosebumps and decided to slowly walkout.