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Fan Fiction 25

Violet gave a little cry of terror,but switched the switch on.


The Theatre,Sinful and threatening,became a place of horror whilst darkness was closing in slowly on the helpless Baudelaires.Violet heard Mr Poe’s suppressing coughing and the murmuring audience.Klaus could smell the odorous and unwashed breath of Count Olaf.They could taste failure.They could feel Olaf’s evil plot tightening around them like a snake.


“Well now,you really thought you could get out of your father’s evil clutches that easily?Remember orphans,you will never be safe.I will follow you like your own shadow.” a whisper echoed in the darkness.Violet's skin filled with goose bumps.She recognized that odorous breath.Count Olaf.He moved closer.She felt his dry hands stroke her hair.”I would never abandon a beautiful daughter like you.A daughter with a large fortune!”Olaf said before sniggering to himself.

”You will NEVER be our father!”Violet Spoke up.Klaus gave Violet a little smile but didn't notice Count Olaf walking towards him.He hesitated before falling to the the dusty floor.Olaf snatched him glasses and threw them to the floor and stomped on them as if they were a bug on the floor.”

Whoops!Looks like the little bookworm broke his glasses!At Least that will teach you a lesson to obey your father!”shouted Count Olaf furiously,who was laughing as if he heard a joke.Klaus shared a little tear.”Remember orphans,in one hand i will have a enormous fortune and in the other a knife with wealthy orphan blood on it”Olaf hissed.They shivered.


Violet felt like she betrayed Klaus.Betrayed her family.Her family’s promise.she remembered those words “You are the eldest and you must take care of your siblings.”She had enough of that wicked man, so will full force pushed him to the ground and made her way to the light switch.Clonk…Clonk…Clonk..Clonk!The light fizzed and crackled.Fizzzzz….Light filled the room.”Po!” screamed Sunny.This probably ment “Hello,Mr Poe!”They heard coughing getting closer to them.Sunny was right it was Mr Poe!Before he could get a word out the children hugged him.Something wasn't right.Poe had a smirk on his face.They were surrounded….