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Fan Fiction 24

The bad ending


 “I will get my hands on your fortune if it's the last thing you do.” angered count olaf.                                                                Count olaf has turned the light off. Horror grows in the darkness. Silence came out from nowhere. “Please… please just leave us alone!” shrieked violet. Horror finds them in the dark. “You shall not escape my house”,a voice whispered somewhere in the room. Darkness continued to linger around the room. Evil chuckling they heard. Violet grabbed Sunny in desperation. Lights off in a while. Suspects were waiting for them to get out. Horror awaits appearing in the darkness. Violet was trying to turn on the light but hesitated and was shaking. Creaking sounds heard. Violet turned on the light… Count Olaf was gone and the rest of his evil team. They escaped and left. They were in a car and drove off. But, the others disappeared somewhere… “in the darkness?” violet whispered.


The end