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Fan Fiction 23

A Series of Unfortunate Events Bad Beginning FanFiction Ending


“I’ll get my hands on your fortune if it’s the last thing I do,” the voice hissed. “And when I have it I’ll kill you and your siblings with my own two hands.” Violet gave a liitle cry of terror, but flicked the light switch on.


The darkness stayed as if the theatre was its home and wouldn't budge. You could hear the floor creaking as Count Olaf’s footsteps got louder. Count Olaf’s breath lingered around violet. The darkness grabbed the children, filling Violet and Klaus and Sunny with anxiety and dread. Count Olaf spoke and said “ I promise you, you will have that fortune in my hand and in the other a knife which will make a very happy ending for me but not for you,”  Count Olaf said. “I promise.”


You really thought you kids, who read so many books, could outsmart me so easily.” I’ve told you many times that your fortune will be mine!,” said Count Olaf, before chuckling to himself. Violet couldn’t move a single muscle because of the fear she was filled with. As she was trembling in fear, Dreadful Olaf’s footsteps came closer and closer, filling the Baudelaires with even more anxiety and depression. “How dare you speak to your father like that?” You are not our father and you’ll never be him.” “ You are just a dreadful man who is seeking for our fortune will make him even more dreadful,” cried Klaus, knowing Count Olaf wasn’t very happy with their anxious words.”You children are such terrible” smirked Dreadful Olaf.


“Well you foolish kids, I’m not going to just leave you like you parents did, they must be so happy without you” “YAKA” Sunny shrieked, which probably meant something like “You dreadful man!” Dread circled the anxious Baudelaires. Dread would not leave. Dread was always one step behind the Baudelaires. “You will never obtain our fortune! You will never succeed!,” yelled Violet. Violet grabbed Sunny with fear and counted from three “3,2,1” and pushed down the light switch, and light shone like they were in heaven. Mr Poe was relieved but Count Olaf wasn’t there. ONE MONTH LATER…Newspapers say: “All three Baudelaire Orphans have been murdered.”